Contradictions and vessels made of whatever…


This is must watch I can’t wait for the new updates in the Mirror Word. This seriously changes or gives new light onto my old contradictions and angst to this. 

Earthen vessels made of clay and wood are not inferior vessels they are just different. their uses may be different but this does not mean inferior. Don’t strive to be something different then you are.

Paul never said, “If we deny God, he will also deny us!”
In the context of extreme contradiction, truth triumphs!
God cannot be untrue to himself!




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I am a average guy father of 4. I don't claim any super powers or amazing talents. I do have a double jointed thumb and I have always hoped it would bring me wealth and fame but so far it hasn't. I am an eclectic music lover as long and by music current day main stream rap does not qualify as music. Anything that has one to two sentences hammered over and over with no melody or excessive auto tune does not qualify.

One response to “Contradictions and vessels made of whatever…”

  1. nancyteague says :

    Thanks for sharing this Ben! Francois du Toit has such great insight that continues to confirm the pure and true Gospel of His intentions and our true identity. My how religion has been ignorant of the fullness of the Good News!

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