Never forget who you are. ..

Don’t forget who you are or where you came from. Mankinds (and yours) identity was formed in Him pre-dirt. In Christ’ s death and resurrection we we co-died and were co-ressurected. The act of the finished work of the cross returned or brought our redeemed innocence and re-genesis. Our original identity was returned.

I wrote in a blog last week in regards to the 23rd Psalm. The good shepherd brings his sheep to the still waters (waters of reflection) where upon looking into it they see their image and are reminded of their original design (2 Corinthians 3:18)

23 The difference between a mere spectator and a participator is that both of them hear the same voice and perceive in its message the face of their own genesis reflected as in a mirror

24 they realize that they are looking at themselves, but for the one it seems just too good to be true, he departs (back to his old way of seeing himself) and immediately forgets what manner of person he is; never giving another thought to the one he saw there in the mirror.

25 The other one is mesmerized by what he sees; he is captivated by the effect of a law that frees man from the obligation to the old written code that restricted him to his own efforts and willpower. No distraction or contradiction can dim the impact of what he sees in that mirror concerning the law of perfect liberty (the law of faith) that now frees him to get on with the act of living the life (of his original design.) He finds a new spontaneous lifestyle; the poetry of practical living. (The law of perfect liberty is the image and likeness of God revealed in Christ, now redeemed in man as in a mirror. Look deep enough into that law of faith that you may see there in its perfection a portrait that so resembles the original that he becomes distinctly visible in the spirit of your mind and in the face of every man you behold. I translated the word, parakupto, with mesmerized from para, a preposition indicating close proximity, originating from, denoting the point from which an action originates, intimate connection, and kupto, to bend, stoop down to view at close scrutiny; parameno, to remain captivated under the influence of; meno, to continue to be present. The word often translated as freedom, eleutheria, means without obligation; spontaneous.)

27 The purest and most uncompromising form of religious expression is found at its source. God is the Father of mankind. He inspires one to take a genuine interest in helping the fatherless and the widows in their plight, and to make sure that one’s own life does not become blemished in the process. (The word para, is a preposition indicating close and immediate proximity, intimate connection.)

The Him in me completes me and realigns me with mans original design. 

by Mirror Bible – mobile app.

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