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The Softening Of Hell

Re-thinking what I thought I knew…

Just cuz you heard it over the pulpit does not mean it is true. The Pharisee thought they knew how the Jehovah would come on in as a warrior triumphantly wiping out any that opposed their version of God. Guess what? They were wrong…..

A friend I have known since he was a little kid wrote this…

Go ahead read it.

Truman, so proud of you!

softening hell.001“All who are not true worshipers of God… shall be consigned to the punishment of everlasting fire… which… does not consume what it scorches, but while it burns it repairs.”(Tertullian, Apology 48:31-33)

“And they shall know thattheir torment in that fire never will have an end…They shall know that they shall forever be full of quick sense within and without; their heads, their eyes,their tongues, their hands,their feet,their loins, and their vitals, shall forever be full of glowing melting fire, fierce enough to melt the very rocks and elements; and also that they shall eternally be full of the most quick and lively sense to feel the torment.”(Jonathan Edwards, Works, Sermon 30)

While the traditional view of hell has, for the most part, been maintained as a place of “eternal torments” (Westminster Confession, 33.2), things have changed in recent times. As Bertrand Russell wrote, “Hell is…

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