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Bubbles, She sells her body for a living to survive in KC

Had an interesting and one of a kind experience this morning.

I had decided to stay in this morning, I actually had full intentions of going to church. But for some reason I stayed in bed.

I had to pick up and an antibiotic so left mid-morning to do so. Three blocks from home a woman ran up to me to me at a stop sign. She was frantic and was begging for a ride. She offered money for a ride. I let her in and she said she needed to get back to her motel (in the hood of Kansas City). I decided to take a chance..

It turns out she was a lady of the evening, a working girl. She went home with some guy she met at a bar last night. She cleaned his house cooked for him (he’s in a wheel chair). Around 3:00 am he started getting verbally abusive. He did not pay her and she left his house.

She came from California and does not have any current ration with anyone here in Kansas City. She does not know her way around the city and was trying to get back to her motel ten miles and was lost.

I told her I would take her herto her motel. She was crying and rambling on about her situation. Her name is Bubbles. She moved here from California to be with her friend. Her friends husband did not like Bubbles and kicked her out. She has nobody here after being kicked out. She sells herself to pay the rent and survive.

She offered reciprocity, I kindly declined. Stopped into a liquor store before 11:00 am gaveher some money from the ATM and got her to her to her motel. I paid for her motel gave her a hug and left.

She is 27… when you think your life is bad there is always someone who can humble you.

Been thinking about this morning quite a bit. It puts life into perspective.

Bubbles lifestyle is not the norm tet it’s happening all around us to some degree but I have somehow either segmented it out of my view or outright ignored it. Isn’t Bubbles plight, what we as a society and as Christians be looking out for? Isn’t Bubbles who Isaiah 58 is talking about serving and helping?

I may be rude here but sending out missionary tesms to the same towns in Mexico or pick a country time after time odd when I have a Bubbles living 10 miles from me in some cockroach infested hotel in my city that could use a mentor an advocate a hand up.

I could have preached at her or told her what to do just wanted to let her know someone cared for her not expecting anything in return.

Still thinking about this while I’m going off to bed in the safety of my home, the safety that Bubbles currently probably doesn’t feel.

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