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starting out in color…..

well i have thought about blogging before and have started in the past but here goes again…

i am sitting in the kitchen watching my daughter water-color. she is coloring a little mermaid picture as best a two-year old can do. it looks good to her and she is definitely having fun. to be a child again. no cares beyond what is here and now. but what is it all about? is it merely water colors and paint? hmmm, i am getting contemplative sitting here.  there are so many people in this world agnostics, Buddhists, christians, to fill in the blank. many feel they have the answer and i’m not gonna lie i have my viewpoint as well. I have done my share of traveling and have seen many different theologies  and doctrines. when i was in thailand and india i was probably shaken to the core of my being the most. many would like life to be toddler like water coloring but to me there is much more, a deeper reality. what is it all about? it is more than doing good or being good or doing good things. life is about relationships and there is one relationship that is most important.

(more to come later)

Hello world!

Tak For i dag!

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