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Today I was commenting on a reply that was written on my on blog today.

I was commenting how Paul did works out of knowing who he was and how God defined him. He wasn’t doing to be but being and the doing flowed naturally out of relationship.  I was typing the word “resting” as in moving from a place of resting in God’s ….

And the spell check replaced “resting” with “residence.”  That hit me and totally floored me. I sat there and contemplated that.


The first definition I Google’d was so good.  “The official house of a government official” implies a place authority. We have a place of residence. We are a residence. We hold within our meat sacks of humanity the very image of Christ. You are a carrier of the DNA of God!


Resting = Residence

Simple Thoughts


Never let anyone tell you that God likes you one day and wants to spank you another…

He loves you unconditionally at all times. This love does not rely on your behavior or reciprocation.

Over the past two years I have been learning this on a very practical and on a personal level. It has been a radical life changing revelation. I no longer have a desert mentality.  There are no down times once you know who you are and how you are seen. I no longer base my relationship or identity on my actions or behavior.  It is nothing I can do on my own…. No more striving no more worrying about falling short! You can not fall short ever again!

You will get out of God what you believe about Him. If you see or believe Him as a harsh task master or a wrathful judgemental being, that is what you will get. He is LOVE….

Not judgemental,  not looking for you to screw up. He is looking waiting for you to see that he is already inside you, with you always,  and wanting to reveal his heart toward you.

He will always and only see you as his loved sons and daughters. No strings attached he has included ALL! He has included ALL! Regardless of your behavior.  He is waiting for you to acknowledge or see his love.

No strings attached!
Jesus was not an example for us but of us.

Skinned Knees

A friend of mine (even if she doesn’t realize she is) wrote this and it is so share-worthy

From the Heart

A question was posed for discussion online recently about prayer, it ended with “….Is He incapable of moving with out man’s prayers?”

I know that we have been given prayer as a gift, a way to communicate with God, but I’ve learned a lot about prayer over the years.

And my views have shifted as I have learned to view God as “Father”.

What I do know is that God’s love for me and His ability to intervene in my life, to lead and guide, to help and care for me, is NOT dependent on the length of time I am able to devote to prayer, how spiritual my prayers are, or if I even have a clue what to say to Him. I have had seasons where prayer was active and alive in my life, where I was able to devote large chunks of time to prayer; and I…

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