My rant

Let’s get this straight,  the devil has no power beyond lies and decent one, he was put in his place via the cross, sin was definitely put in its place by the finished work at cross….  why do people still give the devil any credence?  Sin and death are lies and deception.  We spend so much of our time concetrating on overcoming sin with the 12 or 7 steps to overcome.  God has only one view of his peeps.

Romans 8:1
Romans 6:10-11
2 Corinthians 3:18

He sees us  right now fully righteous fully whole in Him. He died once for all sin. He doesn’t have to go back to the cross every time I screw up. There Is no more condemnation is an accounting term meaning my account has been fully credited wiped out no longer to be seen. It says we look in to the mirror and the image we see is his image. We are seen in him, mirrors dont see the past or future they show the present what is there at that moment. God sees us hidden in him. In his grace in his righteousness.  We pray for our food to be blessed/sanctified before we eat it. We dont wait fo a 9 month process for its sanctification.  Why do we fall for satans lie that we are anything less than what God defines us as. We are his sons and daughters,  we need to change our mentality.  We concentrate on the sin and devil too much.

3 responses to “My rant”

  1. cowboylawyer says :

    I was looking at old blog posts that you “liked” back then and that caused me to hit your gravatar to track down what you have been writing. You related difficulties that you have faced. You wrote about your faith. I pray that your life gets better and better.

  2. Ben Kilen says :

    Well knowing who I am in Christ, knowing how He sees me makes it all good regardless of circumstances and behavior and anything

  3. Ben Kilen says :

    Appreciated the prayers though

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