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Sunday Morning Thoughts from the Pew


Lately I’ve been contemplating the songs we sing and how even the tense of the the verbs or the viewpoint to which traditionally have been applied to them affects our paradigm and can possibly create a present moment or put things off at a distance.

There was a song I never heard going down this morning,  really liked it and it made me think more on distance or delay.

I took a picture of the chorus and then thought about each line through His perception or what I think his view may be.

“We love you  and we’ll never stop”
You always loved us and you’ve never considered anything else

“We can’t live without you Jesus”
You’ve never been separate of us ever constant never far

“We love you were can’t get enough”
Your thoughts are forever for us never anywhere else

“And all this is for you Jesus”
His all in all, His creation was solely made and designed for us His kids, His lineage, His inheritance.


I re-worded each of the lines of the chorus from my thoughts of what God would look at us and sing it over us in reverse if you/He would.


There is no more distance or delay in my thoughts these days. I had for so many years always put my righteousness or sanctification out there on a subliminal calender in the future. I had the mentality of I’m a poor sinner being  saved grace and that I was wallowing in a sin nature and always fighting  some area of … oops I’m falling short again with some 7 step program.

Where God is involved i no longer see as distant and aloof, he has never left us! The NT is littered with references of “Christ in Me” whether I have acknowledged it or not. He put a plan in place prior toothed creation of the world  (pre-dirt) and full filled it before Adam even breathed his first breath. The only view He will ever have of His kids is perfect, holy, redeemed, and loved! He has given all for us…

His view of you is not based on your level of faith or or some level holiness. You are His gift of grace to himself. Complete now. He provided this gift for ALL at no cost.

Seeing God as one who is truly twitterpated with you one who is fully engaged in chasing you down.

Don’t put His love and acceptance of you in the future after you have attained some higher degree of holiness. It’s the “faith of God” not the “faith in God” that matters. He believes in you way more than you could ever believe in Him.

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