Sitting in a waiting room.

Sitting in Dr’s waiting room on a Saturday morning, I thought being morning it would be desolate. Boy was I wrong. There are numerous families here all hoping to get things checked, poked, prodded, and tested all in the name of health. Kids are coughing, wheezing, and sneezing all around me, I feel safe. Thought I beat numerous families who beat me in through the doors with paperwork, unfortunately the people at the desk take notice of who walks through the four and not who is fast with a pen and paper first. I brought a good supply of humming treats and am twiddling away the time praying it moves along quickly and that the two year olds bladder holds out. I forgot to bring spare underwear in case of involuntary flooding. We just took a trip to the public rest room , it is hard to relate and stress the importance to a toddler “don’t touch anything in here!” Thank you hand sanitizer!

One response to “Sitting in a waiting room.”

  1. journeyofjoy says :

    As a mother of 2 preschooler’s, I laughed because I can truly relate. God bless you!

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