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Is True Grace Hyper?

Beyond the Map

True grace (I Pet 5:12) is so much better than we can comprehend.  In fact, the New Testament grace which God has given to us is described as amazing grace, abundant grace, abounding grace, the gift of grace, exceeding grace, exceeding riches of grace, all grace, multiplied grace, grace according the measure of the gift of Christ and the manifold grace of God.  It just doesn’t seem like the Bible has any limits whatsoever on grace.  But could grace legitimately be called hyper? Some have brandished the term ‘hyper-grace’ around in negative connotation, but exactly what they mean by this misleading label is hard to come by… and who they’re talking about is even harder.  It’s usually just “those people”.  Unfortunately, in some camps, this mislabeling has cast a negative stigma on the whole topic of grace.  The result is that a wet-blanket of confusion and intimidation has fallen over…

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