Ephesians 3

1 My ministry is not measured by the size of my prison cell. I am confined by his grace; Christ Jesus is the prison keeper. You are why I am here. (Grace measures my ministry; this prison cell cannot hide my message from you!)

2 It is common knowledge that I have been entrusted with a message that reveals how included you Gentiles are in the grace gift of God.

3 You must have heard how this mystery was revealed to me, in a dramatic disclosure that broke the silence of a long kept secret. I have previously written briefly about this.

4 In reading these words you will perceive my insight into the mystery of Christ. (The word, anaginosko, suggests an upward knowledge; to know again, to recognize, to read with recognition. Insight, sunesis, from sun + eimi, together “I am”, a flowing together like two rivers.)

5 In no previous generation has there been a more comprehensive and detailed understanding (of the full consequence of grace) as it has now been uncovered in the Spirit to his ambassadors who brought the prophetic promise into full view! Mankind (the sons of men) may now realize that the prophetic word is fulfilled in them! Everything the prophets saw is now declared! Both the prophets (who saw this in advance) and the apostles (who now proclaim this) are sanctioned in Christ.

6 The essence of what I see reveals the fact that the multitude of humanity are joint participants in the same inheritance (together with Israel). We are all part of one and the same body in Christ. The Good news is that God’s promise is equally relevant and applicable to all.

7 This Gospel defines my ministry; I am supercharged by the gift of his grace!

8 I am the lowest ranked saint by far. His grace qualifies me to declare this unexplored treasure of Christ in the nations. (My claim to fame emphasizes the fact that grace is a gift and certainly not a reward for good behavior.)

9 The mandate of my message is to make all men see. The unveiling of this eternal secret is to bring into public view an association that has always been hidden in God; Jesus Christ is the blueprint of creation. (Eph 1:4)

10 Every invisible authority and government in the arena of the heavenlies is now confronted with the display of the wisdom of God. The church acts like a prism that disperses the varied magnitude of God in human form.

11 Jesus Christ, our Boss and Owner, gives definition to God’s timeless pre-determined thought (from pro-thesis).

12 His faith in us gives our lives integrity. We echo and articulate the original conversation publicly. He is our platform to a global audience. (The word parrhesia, from para, a preposition indicating close proximity, a thing proceeding from a sphere of influence, with a suggestion of union of place of residence, to have sprung from its author and giver, originating from, denoting the point from which an action originates, intimate connection; and rhesia, conversation. In him we express ourselves freely and openly.)

13 You have no reason to feel embarrassed or responsible because of what I am suffering; rather feel honored!

14 Overwhelmed by what grace communicates, I bow my knees in awe before the Father.

15 Every family in heaven and on earth originates in him; his is mankind’s family name and he remains the authentic identity of every nation.

16 I desire for you to realize what the Father has always envisaged for you, so that you may know the magnitude of his intent, and be dynamically reinforced in your inner being by the Spirit of God. (The word, doxa, opinion or intent.)

17 This will ignite your faith to fully grasp the reality of the indwelling Christ. You are rooted and founded in love. Love is your invisible inner source, just like the root system of a tree and the foundation of a building. (The dimensions of your inner person exceed any other capacity that could possibly define you.)

18 Love is your reservoir of super human strength which causes you to see everyone equally sanctified in the context of the limitless extent of love’s breadth and length, and the extremities of its dimensions in depth and height. (The word, exischuo means to be entirely competent, to be empowered to comprehend. The word katalambano, means to come to terms with, to make one’s own. Rom 12:13 Purpose with resolve to treat strangers as saints; pursue and embrace them with fondness as friends on equal terms of fellowship. Rom 12:16 Esteem everyone with the same respect; no one is more important than the other. Associate yourself rather with the lowly than with the lofty. Do not distance yourself from others in your own mind. [“Take a real interest in ordinary people.”— JB Phillips] In the breadth and length we see the horizontal extent of the love of Christ: the complete inclusion of the human race. 2 Cor 5:14,16. The depth of his love reveals how his love rescued us from the deepest pits of hellish despair and led us as trophies in his triumphant procession on high. Eph 2:5,6, Eph 4:8-10, Col 3:1-4)

19 I desire for you to become intimately acquainted with the love of Christ on the deepest possible level; far beyond the reach of a mere academic, intellectual grasp. Within the scope of this equation God finds the ultimate expression of himself in you. (So that you may be filled with all the fullness of God! Awaken to the consciousness of his closeness! Separation is an illusion! Oneness was God’s idea all along! He desires to express himself through your touch, your voice, your presence; he is so happy to dwell in you! There is no place in the universe where he would rather be!)

20 We celebrate him who supercharges us powerfully from within. Our biggest request or most amazing dream cannot match the extravagant proportion of his thoughts towards us.

21 He is both the author and conclusion of the glory on display in the ekklesia,mirrored in Christ Jesus. The encore continues throughout every generation, not only in this age but also in the countless ages to come. Amen! (The word, ekklesia, often translated church, comes from ek, a preposition always denoting origin, and klesia from kaleo, to identify by name, to surname; the ekklesia is the expression of his image and likeness redeemed in human life.)

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