Romans 8


Romans 8:10

But if Christ is in you , yout body is dead because of sin, yet your spirit is alive because of righteousness.   NIV

The revelation of Christ in yiu declares that your body is as good as dead to sins demands; sin cannot find any expression in a corpse. You co-died together with him. Yet your spirit is alive because of what righteousness reveals.
                             The Mirror Translation

The revelation of what happened to us in Christs death is what brings faith into motion to libetate from within. Faith is not a decision we make to give God a chance, faith is realizing our inclusion in what happened on the cross and His resurrection. The cross was that pivotal point in mans destiny here on earth and push for walking into eternity here on earth. The cross released man from Adams sin curse,  the blood of sheep and goats and the law were superceded with the peefect sacrifice on the cross and resurrection.  Righteousness by Gods gift of Grace! This is not a license to sin without judgement, but a release from the chains of the law. Our sin man was put on the cross with Christ. My spirit mans sin mortgage was paid on that day 2000 years ago. I am not bound to sin, my spirit owes the flesh nothing.

Romans 8 : 11
Our union with Christ for the reveals that because the same spirit that awakened the body of Jesus from the dead inhabits of us, we equally participate in his resurrection. In the same act of authority whereby God raised Jesus from the dead, he co-restores your body to life by his indwelling spirit.
           The Mirror Translation

Our very beings spiritual DNA has been altered. Fear should be past tense,  sin should be past tense,  freedom in Christs gift

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