Mundane to mind blown

So I was just sitting there the other day. I had read through Romans 8 earlier in the day and all of a sudden Philippians 1:21 popped into my head.

  “For me to live is Christ to die is gain.”

Earlier this year a friend of mine asked the question “As a Christian,  when do we die?” I have thought this question and mulled over it hundreds of times since.

Have you not heard we have been crucified with Christ.  We were crucified,  died,  buried, and resurrected with him. We are dead men walking.  We are already dead.

In  college I wrote this verse all over my chuckies and scrwaled it on my arm.  I preached it numerous times. I always had a futuristic view of the “gain” part.
When looking the verse in Philipians in the context of already being dead it, it puts off the distance and delay.


About Ben Kilen

I am a average guy father of 4. I don't claim any super powers or amazing talents. I do have a double jointed thumb and I have always hoped it would bring me wealth and fame but so far it hasn't. I am an eclectic music lover as long and by music current day main stream rap does not qualify as music. Anything that has one to two sentences hammered over and over with no melody or excessive auto tune does not qualify.

One response to “Mundane to mind blown”

  1. Mel Wild says :

    Amen, Ben. Good stuff. We often look at these verses like the religious elder brother in Luke 15:31. His father had to tell him, “you are always with me, and all that I have is yours.”

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