Mind Blown

We were known before the creation, He will have only one view of me eternally. That life that was in Christ from the beginning is my union. The revelation of my blueprint, my original identity,  and redeemed innocence.

2 Corinthians 3:18, the revelation of seeing oneself outside of time and space to what God has put and sees in me is a mind blower.

Makes me want to say “it can’t be that!” But it is what he meant!

My true likeness is Him!

What’s true of Him is true of you.

1 John 1- 4
Mirror Word

1 The Logos is the source; everything commences in him. The initial reports concerning him that have reached our ears, that which we indeed bore witness to with our own eyes, to the point that we became irresistibly attracted, now captivates our gaze. In him we witnessed tangible life in its most articulate form. (To touch, psallo, to touch the string of a musical instrument, thus resonance.)

2  The same life that was with the Father from the beginning, now dawned on us! The infinite life of the Father became visible before our eyes in a human person! (In the beginning “was” the word; eimi, timeless existence, “I am”)

3  We include you in this conversation; you are the immediate audience of the logic of God! This is the word that always was; we saw him incarnate and witnessed his language as defining our lives. In the incarnation Jesus includes mankind in the eternal friendship of the Father and the son! This life now finds expression in an unreserved union.

4  What we enjoy equally belongs to you! I am writing this for your reference, so that joy may be yours in its most complete measure. (In all these years since the ascension of Jesus, John now ninety years old continues to enjoy unhindered friendship with God and desires to extend this same fellowship to everyone through this writing.)

(See 1 John 1 in Breath of Life by Andre Rabe:

1:1 That which is most significant in time, first in position, and highest in rank, that which is original, entered our ears and we recognized its authenticity. It opened our eyes and we have gazed upon it ever since!

1:2  This Word is life and has become a present and tangible reality for us. Life appeared and captured our attention – we resonate with confirmation. We cannot but declare to you that this is absolute life, the way Father intended it from the very start. It is now so clear to us.

1:3  That which awakened our ears and arrested our attention, is what we declare to you, in the confidence that the same intimacy we enjoy, will be ignited in you also! This fellowship, this entanglement is with the Father and with His son Jesus Christ.

1:4  We write this that you may enjoy this perfect delight with us.)
[I John 1:1-4]

by Mirror Bible – mobile app.

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  1. melwild says :

    Very cool. I love these translations.

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