Think if the word sanctification, we have been lead to believe it is a process, a process leading to our fullfilment or being whole.

Now think about a prayer you say for your food, when you ask God to sanctify your twinkie, do you wait 6 months for the process of sanctification to work its way out in the twinkie? Nope, we somehow believe God can do it instantaneously. The fact of the matter is Jesus paid for my sanctification and our fullness 2000+ years ago. My fullness was actually set in God’s mind before the world was formed, before Adam was created. We were created in God’s very likeness and image.
Mankinds identity is found in Him pre-Genesis (Genesis 1:26 Jeremiah 1:5).

Adams sin was not a surprise to God. He knew in adavance what would come to pass. He knew that Jesus would come as God incarnated as a man and be crucified, buried, and resurrected. We (mankind) were co-crucified, co-buried, and co-resurrected with him. By doing this the curse of the law of sin and death was broken once and for all (Romans 6:10-11) He died once for all! He does not have to die again for any new sin that happen. God does not relate to us in a time and space mentality. He created us in his being before the foundation of this world. He set his son out as a sacrificial lamb before Adam, before everything he created us and forgave us. He saw us perfected and walking in fullness. Romans 8:1 tells us we are are now no longer condemned, our sins are not held against us. The accounting ledgers have not only been credited to us but burned up and forgotten. God does not and will not see those ledgers or remember them again. The way he saw us pre-conception is the way he will always see us (perfect!).

I was at a conference two weeks ago and I heard this “the church is devils best PR agents.” We have been deceived! I have been lied to. I no longer have a sin nature. That sin nature was obliterated at the cross. For the past 30+ years I have been walking under the idea I had a sin nature and I had to work out my salvation. I was a bi-polar Christian mess. My relationship with God was based on my performance. If I was having a good spiritual day I could show up before God. If I was having issues (which was 90% of the time) I would wallow in (self) condemnation. I was living under the law and a lie. My identity was found in my actions. I was taught to press in to God. I taught others, “to the degree you press in to God is the degree he comes to you.” THAT IS SUCH A LIE!

He loves you and sees you from the place of your original identity. The cross brought mankind to its place redeemed innocence and a re-Genesis. Salvation, forgiveness, and grace are free gifts. Nothing we can do will help us obtain them. The law was based on works and was a flawed system thats whole reason for being there was to point to the short comings of mans ability to come to God. Jesus came to wipe out the law and replace the system. It wasn’t an upgrade it was a new (kainos) way.

Romans 8:10-13

10 The revelation of Christ in you declares that your body is as good as dead to sins demands; sin cannot find any expression in a corpse. You co-died together with him. Yet your spirit is alive because of what righteousness reveals.

11 Our union with Christ further reveals that because the same Spirit that awakened the body of Jesus from the dead inhabits us, we equally participate in his resurrection. In the same act of authority whereby God raised Jesus from the dead, he co-restores your body to life by his indwelling Spirit.

12 We owe the flesh nothing.

13 In the light of all this, to now to continue to live under the sinful influences of thevsenses is to reinstate the dominion of spiritual death. Instead, we are indebted to now exhibit the highest expression of life inspired by the Spirit. This life demonstrates zero tolerance to the habits and sinful patterns of the flesh.

If you still believe you have a sin nature you will continue in fighting to overcome sin. It has already been defeated. When you walk knowing it has been defeated and in the understanding that God sees you whole an perfect you can come to God as your GOOD FATHER! I am found in Him and being in Him changes my paradigm completely. Walking in the understanding of how God sees and defines me is so freeing. I want to be defined by God not by others or myself.

Yes I am sanctified, its not a process but God’s declaration over mankind. I have no part of attaining it but accepting it.

I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! I am found whole in him!

On the night of 8/1/13 I had a dream where I was praying for God to break in and blinders to fall off people, that the revelation of being found in Him would change lives. If you are reading this take that prayer for yourself.

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