The Answer is a Person


Over the past months I have been reading and contemplating the New Testament like I never have before. I now understand that the answer is not about me or what I can do. I have previously been or had a mindset that it was about ministry,  about making a difference, and changing the world. It’s not about me or anything I can do. The answer is a man.  His name is Jesus. He was and is I AM. Prior to the creation of the world he knew me/you and he liked what he saw.

Growing up as a kid I had some pretty odd thoughts. I saw God as a creator and I saw us as guinea pigs.  Something he created for fun, but I now know that he created us to be sons and daughters.  We were created in his image. He spoke identity into me prior to the the world, prior to Genesis 1. Adam’s sin was not a mistake.  Adam was a part of a plan outside of time and space. Jesus was the ultimate prototype the template for us. We are his image. A mom and dad have kids not to have servants or someone to sing their praises.  They have kids to be their sons and daughters.  You know,  to have mini-me’s. I hope my kids are like me (well at least the good parts). I love looking at my kids and seeing their moms eyes or my smirk. I love my kids! No matter what the four of them do that is not important. I like them for them.

God is like that. He loves us, he likes us. I used to see religion as man running after God, but the truth is He is running after us, He is pursuing us and has been prior to creation.

Jesus was the redeeming character in the plan. He was and is the key. We were co crucified, co buried,  co resurrected,  co descended,  and co ascended with him. He died once for all mankind. He bore our sins atoning for all and broke the curse of sin. He did it to reconcile us to him. God wants his children to be his children. Jesus is the answer. This desire was poured out through extreme sacrifice and became the ultimate free gift. Salvation, hope, fullness, and grace are now yours for the taking. A FREE gift poured out that we can do nothing to attain/acquire on our own merit. All that God offers is free. My personal effort or any ministry I do mean nothing as far as receiving from my father.

He is the I AM, in me, calling to me. He is and will continue to pursue me/you.

The amazing news of announcing this life which is unveiled in Christ Jesus is what my ministry is all about! The promise is a person! I, Paul, am a man on a mission; God’s delightful desire sponsors me! 

2 Timothy1:1 The Mirror Word Translation

Now, the sum total of his conversation with man has finally culminated in a son. He is the official heir of all things. He is, after all, the author of the ages. Jesus has been on the tip of the Father’s tongue all along! We have our beginning and our being in him. He is the force of the universe, sustaining everything that exists by his eternal utterance! Jesus is the radiant and flawless expression of the person of God. He makes the glory of God visible and exemplifies the character and every attribute of God in human form.

Hebrews 1:2-3 The Mirror Word Translation

The total answer is a person, Jesus Christ! Its part of Gods plan to make us dissatisfied with temporal things, so that we seek life in Him

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I am a average guy father of 4. I don't claim any super powers or amazing talents. I do have a double jointed thumb and I have always hoped it would bring me wealth and fame but so far it hasn't. I am an eclectic music lover as long and by music current day main stream rap does not qualify as music. Anything that has one to two sentences hammered over and over with no melody or excessive auto tune does not qualify.

3 responses to “The Answer is a Person”

  1. Prodigal Chick says :

    Reblogged this on Prodigal Chick and commented:
    Amen!!! A must read…once again Ben puts it where the rubber meets the road!!!

  2. butcheringsaint says :

    “I hope my kids are like me (well at least the good parts).” Great post. I like your co lines. co died and co buried and co risen. Thanks for sharing! hope you have a blessed week!

  3. nopew says :

    I want to honour the revelation – It’s about a person – and it’s not me. It’s tough on the ego, never rewarded by religion, and it freaks so many people out, but at the end of the day we stand before Jesus and no one else!

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