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As you ought to be or as you are?


“He wants you as you are not how you ought to be”

He sees you as you  ought to be right now, rather then how you actually are. He is not waiting for you to become something.  To him you already are! He knew you before the creation of the world and has been waiting for you… He has never been farther from you then your very heartbeat.  He has written your name on the palm of his hand like high school sweetheart. He knows the numbers of hairs on your head.  He dances over your every triumph.  He holds you and comforts you in your every low point. He does this all without our acknowledgement and notice.


When we see or begin to know how he sees me (us) it changes everything. There is no striving to be something because you already are. he already sees you complete. 2 Corinthians 3:18 relates how you look in a mirror and when you look into the mirror you see his face and He sees yours. His image is yours and yours is His. You are complete “in Him”. A mirror does not see into the past or into the future it only shows what is in front of it at that exact moment.  You are His perfection NOW!

Adoption or something better? (Or a different take)

Take a look at Ephesians 1:5-7 in the Mirror Word Bible

5) He is the architect of our design; his heart dream realized our coming of age in Christ. (Adoption here is not what it means in our Western society, it is a coming of age, like the typical Jewish Barmitsva. See Galatians 4:1-6, “ … and to seal our sonship the spirit of his son echoes Abba Father in our hearts.” This is huiothesia.)      

6) His grace-plan is to be celebrated: he greatly endeared us and highly favored us in Christ. His love for his Son is his love for us.

7) Since we are (fully represented) in him, his blood is the ransom that secures our redemption. His forgiving us our sins measures the wealth of his grace.

Don’t think adoption,  we were His from before the earth was made. We were made from his very DNA. He is our template.  He is not example for us but of us.

It’s coming of age realizing who and whose we were all along.

Adoption still carries a stigma of not a blood relative. We are all blood relatives. He is our dad.

The Gospel is not something for us to accept but the in fact the Gospel is that he has accepted us before the earth was formed.



Sin-consciousness,  leads to sin-management which gets ones eyes to go inward in a bad way. It lead me to 35+ years of bipolar roller coaster riding Christianity.  I was always concentrating on managing my short comings. My relationship with God was based on my ability to achieve and do. If man is relying on oneself, man will always fall short. This leads to shame, guilt, and condemnation.
I had read and known and even preached on Romans 8:1-2 but the wording in the Mirror Word opened it up like never before.

Condemnation and shame are no more once ones identity is achieved in how God defines man rather than how man defines oneself.  Knowing that the only view that God has of me is that of perfect, forgiven, redeemer, whole,  and His son changes everything.  My realization of His view of me eliminates my need for sin-management.  Talk about mind blowing freedom.

1 Now the decisive conclusion is this: in Christ, every bit of condemning evidence against us is cancelled. (“Who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit.” This sentence was not in the original text, but later copied from verse 4. The person who added this most probably felt that the fact of Paul’s declaration of mankind’s innocence had to be made subject again to man’s conduct. Religion under the law felt more comfortable with the condition of personal contribution rather than the conclusion of what faith reveals. The “in Christ” revelation is key to God’s dealing with man. It is the PIN-code of the Bible. [See 1 Cor 1:30 and Eph 1:4].) The law of the Spirit is the liberating force of life in Christ. This leaves me with no further obligation to the law of sin and death. Spirit has superseded the sin enslaved senses as the principle law of our lives. (The law of the spirit is righteousness by faith vs the law of personal effort and self righteousness which produces condemnation and spiritual death which is the fruit of the DIY tree.)

There is no more distance or delay.  I no longer look for some place in time down the road to where I can or will be acceptable to God. ..

I AM NOW! I was perfect to him before the world was made. I am made in His template of His own DNA!  (Eph 1:4). No toil no striving,  my original identity now shines!

Hebrews 1


1 Throughout ancient times God spoke in many fragments and glimpses of prophetic thought to our fathers.

2 Now, the sum total of his conversation with man has finally culminated in a son. He is the official heir of all things. He is, after all, the author of the ages. Jesus is what has been on the tip of the Father’s tongue all along!  (The revelation of man’s redeemed sonship, as revealed in Jesus, is the crescendo of God’s conversation with humanity. Throughout the ages he has whispered his name in disguise to be revealed in the fullness of time as the greatest surprise. The exact image of God, his very likeness, the authentic eternal thought, became voice and was made flesh in us. The composer of a concert masterpiece knew that the notes scribbled on a page would finally find its voice in a symphony of instruments.)

3 We have our beginning and our being in him. He is the force of the universe, sustaining everything that exists by his eternal utterance! Jesus is the radiant and flawless expression of the person of God. He makes the glory (doxa, intent) of God visible and exemplifies the character and every attribute of God in human form. (Gen 1:26, 27) This powerful final utterance of God (the incarnation revealing our sonship) is the vehicle that carries the weight of the universe. What he communicates is the central theme of everything that exists. The content of his message celebrates the fact that God took it upon himself to successfully cleanse and acquit humankind. The man Jesus is now his right hand of power, the executive authority seated in the boundless measure of his majesty. He occupies the highest seat of dominion to endorse our innocence! His throne is established upon our innocence. (“Having accomplished purification of sins, he sat down …”)

4 No angel can compete with him in rank or name. This is his rightful portion.

5 God did not address the angels when he said (in Psalm 2), “You are my son, today I have given birth to you! I am to you all that a Father can be to a son, and you are to me all that a son can be to a Father. (The resurrection of Jesus represents the rebirth of the human race.)

6 And when he leads his son in triumphant parade, as his firstborn, before the whole inhabited world, he says, “Let all God’s angels kiss his hand in adoration.” (See Ephesians 4:8, Scripture confirms that he led us as trophies in his triumphant procession on high; he repossessed his gift (likeness) in man. Quote from the Hebrew text, Ps 68:18, lakachta mattanoth baadam, thou hast taken gifts in man, in Adam. The gifts which Jesus Christ distributes to man he has received in man, in and by virtue of his incarnation. — Commentary by Adam Clarke. We were born anew in his resurrection.
[1 Pet 1:3, Hos 6:2] The fact that he ascended confirms his victorious descent into the deepest pits of human despair [Eph 4:9]. See John 3:13 [RSV], “No one has ascended into heaven but he who descended from heaven, even the son of man.” All mankind originate from above; we are anouthen, from above. He now occupies the ultimate rank of authority from the lowest regions, where he stooped down to rescue us to the highest authority in the heavens, having executed his mission to the full. Fallen man is fully restored to the authority of the authentic life of his design. [Eph 4:10])

7 He endorses the fact that the angels are his messengers; he made them to be swift like the wind and to move at the speed of lightning.

8 But when he addresses the son he says, “Your throne, O God, extends beyond the ages. The scepter of righteousness is the scepter of your kingdom” (Ps 45:6)

9 “You love righteousness and detest evil. Therefore, O God, your God anointed you with the oil of joy to stand head and shoulders above your associates.” (Ps 45:7)

10 “The earth traces its foundation back to you, the heavens also are your invention; they are all handmade by you.” (Ps 102:25)

11They shall become obsolete but you will remain, they shall show wear like an old garment;

12 and you will eventually roll them up as a mantle; they shall be replaced, but you remain “I am,” and your years will never cease. (Ps 102:26)

13 Neither was it the angels he had in mind when he said, “You are my executive authority (the extension of my right hand), take your position and witness how I make your enemies a place upon which you may rest your feet.” (Mt 22:42-45)

14 What role do the angels play in God’s strategy? They are all employed by God in the apostolic ministry of the Spirit to help administer the inheritance of salvation that belongs to mankind.

by Mirror Bible – mobile app. http://www.mirrorbible.com

Do you need some spiritual Dr. Phil time?


Martyn Lloyd Jones has made the statement “What’s true of Him is true of you.” many times over. If I say this to people I often get the odd stare or the reaction of What!  It seems to many to be heretical, but is it?

1 Jonn 4:17 and 1 John 2:8 both have the verbage stating as he is we are also and which is true in Him and in you. Is it so brazen a statement? Or are we just believing less than what we are called to be?
We were created in God’s very image.  I’m not saying we are gods but yes we are definitely more than we have been lead to think.  We are like Him, we are more spirit based and eternal than we are physical.  He is our source. He is our dad. We are his heirs and as his heirs we can walk in that place of sonship and authority.
The prodigal son and his brother never lost that relationship bond to their father. They both were full heirs at all times. They both were decieved into thinking less than that and because of that, they both needed some Dr Phil time (ie. Identity counseling) to be restored to their original relationship to their father.

Do you need some spiritual Dr. Phil time?


1 John 2:7-8


7 Beloved, I am writing you no new commandment, but an old commandment that you had from the beginning. The old commandment is the word that you have heard.

8 At the same time, it is a new commandment that I am writing to you, which is true in him and in you, because the darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining.

Mirror Word

7 My beloved family, I know that the words I write to you here may not immediately remind you of Moses; this does not mean that it is a new doctrine, it is the ancient conversation that echoes God’s voice prophetically! It is indeed the very conclusion of the word which you have heard from the beginning!

8 And yet it is a glorious new message that I am writing to you! You may ask, “How can that which is old also be new?” Herein is the secret of its newness: whatever is true of Jesus is equally true of you! The days of the dominance of darkness as a reference to human life, are over! The true light surely shines with bold certainty and illuminates your life as it is unveiled in Christ.
(The word kainos means, fresh, recent, unused, unworn, of a new kind, unprecedented, novel, uncommon, unheard of. The freshness of this encounter is celebrated in a fellowship of exactly the same oneness enjoyed between the Father and the Son! The word parago suggests that darkness no longer has any sway over you. The word ede, even now: – already, by this time; from ē [pronounced ay] an adverb of confirmation; assuredly: – surely; and dē [pronounced day] which is a particle of emphasis or explicitness; now, then, etc.: – also, and, doubtless, now, therefore.)

No distance or delay….


Grace isn’t a concept,  it’s a person.

Love isn’t a concept, it’s a person.

That person is Jesus!

He is in all men, he indwells all men!

He is not distant,  he is not far, he is not for some futrure time. We were made as living spacesuits for him to live in eternally.  We don’t have to wait for some future attainment to walk in what he has already granted all mankind.  The only thing to enter into this union is to accept what he has already done and provided.  Believe!

We don’t have to do anything,  He is a free gift,  forgiveness,  acceptence,  grace, are and were freely given before the creation of the world.  There is no distance or delay.  We do not have to seek his presence anywhere then within us. He is already there waiting to be acknowledged. The veil has been not just torn but eliminated.  The only time the veil comes in is when we bring it by striving on our own. Striving or doing is not needed.  If man’s abilities could bring one closer to God,  the cross would have not been needed.  Christ’s death would have been in vain.

He is in me and I am in Him, we are one! This is the Gospel a the good news! We are His sons and daughters created and birthed with his DNA after his image! We have been deceived into believing we are less than this. Wake up into your true original identity into your redeemed innocence.  Take the spiritual realignment that Jesus offers.

Don’t fear God

I have issues and I acknowledge that. My 6 year old daughter has to memorize and contemplate on 2 different verses each week for school. With my new view or paradigm of how I see God and my identity I cringe alot when I hear how God is often portrayed.

Her verse this week was Psalms103:11 this week.

New International Version
For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him;

I was going over it with Mo and I asked her what it meant to her… She asked why she should fear God. I told her that was a bad word (not a four letter bad word). Told her let’s replace the word fear with respect or love. She said “oh, I get it.” I walked out of the room and came back about ten minutes later.  While I was gone she composed a song on her pad.

MO’s Song



The innocence of a little child and the way they can relate blows me away. Children are not bogged down by traditions, bad teaching,  works, or basic garbage.  To return so easily our original identity and redeemed innocence is amazing.

How do you see God? How do you see Jesus?  Riddle me this…

Total totality!


Your life is your prayer in totality!

From praying, talking, eating, working, playing, sleeping, pooping, etc. It is all prayer.

Romans 3:24

Jesus Christ is proof of God’s grace gift; he redeemed the glory of God in human life; mankind condemned is now mankind justified because of the ransom paid by Christ Jesus!

(He proved that God did not make a mistake when he made man in his image and likeness! Sadly the evangelical world proclaimed verse 23 completely out of context! There is no good news in verse 23, the gospel is in verse 24! All fell short because of Adam; the same ‘all’ are equally declared innocent because of Christ! The law reveals what happened to man in Adam; grace reveals what happened to the same man in Christ.)


1 Corinthians 2:7

We voice words of wisdom that was hidden in silence for timeless ages; a mystery unfolding God’s Masterful plan whereby he would redeem his glory in man.

In the above verses it states that mankind is his Glory. We are His glory! Our lifes are living prayers towards Him. It is the realignment of our very being to our original identity and redeemed innocence. His DNA was in us pre-dirt. Mankind has succumbed to living a lie that we are less than His sons and daughters. Wake up people!  We were never not His kids! (For those of you who need help, we are and always have been His sons and dsughgters from before the world was created.) Daddy has been trying to reconcile our hearts and minds to that fact. 

Have you ever heard of the term kinsman redeemer?

A kinsman redeemer can be defined as; The relative who restores or preserves the full community rights of disadvantaged family members. let’s make up an example. Your brother or sister has a family, they were sold into slavery because of a debt they could not repay. You as the closest living relative would have the first rights or option to pay the debt for their family and restore them. The payment you provide to redeem them had absolutely nothing to do with what they did or could do. It was a free gift that only qualifier was realtion or DNA.

I know many hold to the idea of adoption into Christ.

Ephesians 1:5

Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will,

He is the architect of our design; his heart dream realized our coming of age in Christ. Adoption here is not what it means in our Western society, it is a coming of age, like the typical Jewish Barmitsva. (See Galatians 4:1-6) adoption should be translated as coming of age, stepping into adulthood or maturity. I have always looked at it as adoption.

“Adoption” infers not a natutal born full blooded child. But that is a deception a lie! If we were made in His image (Gen 1:26) pre-dirt we were never not His child. We were never less than His image.

1) We are made in His image
2) We were created pre-dirt
3) We are His sons and daughters
4) We are His Glory
5) The totality of our lives is prayer
6) It is a free gift nothing man does can gain it outside of free grace

We glorify God by just being. As I stated in the beginning. Your life is your prayer in totality!bFrom praying, talking, eating, working, playing, sleeping, pooping, etc. It is all prayer.

We were created to be his family. He is love. The only view he will ever have of you is that of a blameless son our daughter. He is outside of time and space. He never had a plan B! Adams fall was a given not an oops. The trinity did not have to draw straws to see who was going to come down an clean up Adam’s mess. Jesus willingly came down Incarnate to be a man with us forever. By dying on the cross we were crucified, died, buried, and ressurected with Him. Through doing this our original identity and redeemed innocence was restored. This was not some penal substitution from a wrathful God. It was a all loving God redeeming us as His sons and daughters.

I will get into wrath another time, still working the language out on that.

Your life is His glory, your life is a prayer! You are His natural/spiritual born sons and daughters!

Shirley oh surely the reflection reminder…

image image

I have always looked at Psalm 23 as the conforting verse or the Sunday School chapter. “Look,  we have a good shepherd” kind of a chapter. But it really speaks identity to me now.

Psalm 23

A psalm of David.

1 The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need.

In Him I am found, I am who he says I am and he really likes me!

2 He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams.

A different wording-take Mirror word style:
Looking into the waters of reflection (still waters) we are suddenly reminded of who we are seeing by seeng our reflection (my original identity and redeemed innocence) (2 Cor 3:18 James 1:23-25)

3 He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.

He is my source and I am His glory!

4 Even when I walk through the darkest
valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me.Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.

The revelation of He in me completes me.

5 You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies.You honor me by anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings.

Just WOW, you seriously dote over me!

6 Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me    all the days of my life,and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.

So you define me, complete me, and take care of me FOREVER!

YEAH I could really like this!

That’s all for now…



Singing into existence, breathing into existence (Resonance)



Here is a tribe in Africa where the birth date of a child is counted not from when they were born, nor from when they are conceived but from the day that the child was a thought in its mother’s mind. And when a woman decides that she will have a child, she goes off and sits under a tree, by herself, and she listens until she can hear the song of the child that wants to come. And after she’s heard the song of this child, she comes back to the man who will be the child’s father, and teaches it to him. And then, when they make love to physically conceive the child, some of that time they sing the song of the child, as a way to invite it.

And then, when the mother is pregnant, the mother teaches that child’s song to the midwives and the old women of the village, so that when the child is born, the old women and the people around her sing the child’s song to welcome it. And then, as the child grows up, the other villagers are taught the child’s song. If the child falls, or hurts its knee, someone picks it up and sings its song to it. Or perhaps the child does something wonderful, or goes through the rites of puberty, then as a way of honoring this person, the people of the village sing his or her song.

In the African tribe there is one other occasion upon which the villagers sing to the child. If at any time during his or her life, the person commits a crime or aberrant social act, the individual is called to the center of the village and the people in the community form a circle around them. Then they sing their song to them.



The tribe recognizes that the correction for antisocial behavior is not punishment; it is love and the remembrance of identity. When you recognize your own song, you have no desire or need to do anything that would hurt another.

And it goes this way through their life. In marriage, the songs are sung, together. And finally, when this child is lying in bed, ready to die, all the villagers know his or her song, and they sing—for the last time—the song to that person.

You may not have grown up in an African tribe that sings your song to you at crucial life transitions, but life is always reminding you when you are in tune with yourself and when you are not. When you feel good, what you are doing matches your song, and when you feel awful, it doesn’t. In the end, we shall all recognize our song and sing it well. You may feel a little warbly at the moment, but so have all the great singers. Just keep singing and you’ll find your way home.


Thegodmolecule (Nudity)

My outtake:

Ones original identity comes from the breath of God prior to the creation of the earth (Gen 1:26-27).

26 Then God said, “Let us make manh in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

27 So God created man in his own image,
     in the image of God he created him;
     male and female he created them.


Mankind was created in God’s image. He is our template our design. Our original identity is Him! We were formed with His identity as our basic foundation. The third word in verse 26 is “said”. He formed us first in His consciousness with his voice (His breath) in His image. in verse 27 man is then created in his own image

Francois du Toit writes in the “Mirror Word” a story of an eagle:

The Free Eagle

“During our honeymoon in January, 1979, in the Blydeiver Canyons in Mpumalanga, South Africa,  Lydia and I met a nature conservation officer who told us off of fascinating incident when they released a black eagle a week prior that had been in the Pretoria zoo for 10 years. This was the day for this eagle too deep fried and to return to the life of its design. But their excitement turned to frustration when, after opening the cage, the bird refused to fly! Ten years of cadged life seemed to have trapped its mind in an invisible enclosure! How could they get the Eagle to realize that it was indeed free? No amount of prompting and prodding seem to help. Then, after some hours the bird suddenly looked up, and in the distance they heard the call of another eagle, this was the moment of true freedom! Immediately the zoo Eagle took off in flight! No flying lessons are required when truth is realized!

The dramatic story left a deep impression on my mind. I knew that in the light of Paul’s revelation of the good news, we are left with one for urgent priority, which is to announce to the nations with bold confidence and mirror-reflect the integrity of there redeemed in a sense reflect the integrity of there redeemed innocence.

This gives such clarity and content to the fact that Jesus came to the planet not to upgrade the cage of Judaism or any other religion by starting a new one called Christianity, but to be the Incarnate voice of the likeness and image of God in human form! He came to reveal and redeem the image of God in us! His mission was to mirror the blueprint of our design, not as an example for us but of us! (Col 1:15, 2:9, 10)

In God’s faith in mankind is associated in Christ even before the foundation of the world. Jesus died humanities death and when the stone was rolled away, we were raised together with him! Every human life is fully represented in him (Hos 6:2)

If the gospel is not the voice of the free Eagle, it is not the gospel.”


The similarities between the above article and creation and the gospel are thought provoking.

(Add on)

I particularly like how they realign or reconcile their children by communally reminding them who they are via song.


This actually brings up some of my thoughts on quantum physics, sound waves, creation, and physical/spiritual realms.


(Check back I may add more later)

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