Grace at the Cross


We owe the flesh nothing. In the light of all this, to now continue to live under the sinful influences of the senses is to reinstate the dominion of spiritual death. Instead, we are indebted to now exhibit the highest expression of life inspired by the Spirit. This life demonstrates zero tolerance to the habits and sinful patterns of the flesh.

Rom 8 : 12-13
Mirror Translation

Reveal the cross to me. My request.

Death on the cross liberates me, im now no longer bound by the law,  grace

The magnitude of the death broke the hold of sin and death, it broke the hold of the law.

Rom 5:8 God’s love gift: mankind was rotten to the core when Christ died their (my) death.

Death HAD a global impact. No one could escape it. Our old lifestyle was co-crucified together with him…our slavery to sin HAD come to an end. Death lost its dominion over Christ in his resurrection; he died for my sins past present and future. He paid for our sins. Our sin man died on the cross that day 2000 years ago. There is no longer condemnation,  that doesn’t mean to go ahead and sin, it means walk in the liberty pressing in walking in that no longer being tied to temptation or judgment.  I can walk knowing he loves and accepts me unconditionally.  I probably will mess up. There will be days I dont meaaure up but I dont have to measurw up to the law, I walk in righteousness to the best I can and let grace take my short comings.

Philipians 1:21 For me to live is Christ to die is gain. Every day is a new day in him.

(Andrew Farley google him)
81% of professed Christians believe spiritual maturity is trying to follow the rules,  if you choose to be ruled by the law you will forever be in condemnation.

Therefore im a new creation in Christ daily hourly.

Rom 8:15
Slavery is such a poor substitute for sonship!
Law > leads through fear.
Sonship > responds to Abba Father

2 Tim
God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power love and sound mind.

God does not look down on me in judgement but love.

John 5:24

We were meant to walk free in Christ,  dead to sin. We walk around in a spirit of fear and condemnation, 

The devil has bamboozled us. We do not succeed through striving or self improvement,  we need to get grace of the cross glasses and see His sacrifice, the death of the cross brings freedom from guilt and fear.

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