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101 Lies taught in the church (Steve McVey)

Below is an intro for Steve’s YouTube channel. He has a book on the first 52 but has added more via YouTube.

It’s worth the time…


We were talking about his book where he deals with 52 of these lies. Someone made the comment “oh the chaprter a week for a year un-devotional”
loved it!




Steve’s McVey’s YouTube Channel

Lie 01 Salvation is giving your life to Jesus Christ

Lie 02 Christians are just sinners saved by grace

Lie 03 When you become a Christian God changed your life

Lie 04 Becoming a Christian means having your sins forgiven

Lie 05 0ur sins are under the blood of Jesus Christ

Lie 06 Your greatest need is to love God more

Lie 07 The answer to weak commitment is to rededicate

Lie 08 The Holy Spirit convicts unbelievers of their sin

Lie 09 The Christian life is all of Him and none of me

Lie 10 You can go to far with grace

The list goes on

Religion makes me go hmmmm


Religion:  compelling yourself to do what only Jesus can do for you

The flavor of religion is forcing one to do something, religion is forced

I Samuel 13:12
Saul didn’t wait for Samuel. Samuel was a type or representation of Christ, Saul represent man, Saul stepped in without waiting for Saul, he paid a steep price, his kingdom was passed on to a shepherd (David).

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