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The ups and the downs, does it matter


I was at a early morning  prayer meeting and it normally starts with a couple  songs pumped out of the computer. Today  Lloyd chose some oldies.

° This is the air I breathe
° Glory to God in the highest

I’m  not going to hide it. I am going through  some really rough times in my personal life right now. I had a really hard  night (last night). I had to choose to get up early  and go to the prayer meeting. My head was definitely not in doing  it. Every ounce of me was  saying “go back to bed.”  In all honesty the only thing that got me out the door was the thought  of getting on my motorcycle for a morning drive. Well I got up and showed up at least physically. The songs that were played got my attention.

You are the air I breathe made me start to think about what or who is my source. I have been  going through Romans and Ephesians and a key statement is “In Him” throughout the books. I look  to you as my provision. My soul longs for your affection your heart.

Then Glory to God in the highest made me contemplate well what  about the “lowest?”  I feel like I’m in the lowest right now but God I give you the Glory even in my lows. That was a minor epiphany. Glory to God in the highest or lowest of times.” It’s easy to do when all is good but what about the lows? I am not moved or should I say I’m choosing not to be moved by what my circumstances are around me. My life is a mess on multiple fronts it would seem how I react makes a huge difference in the outcome.

Romans 5 :3 (TMT)
Our joyful boasting in him remains uninterrupted in times of trouble; we know that the pressure reveals patience. Tribulation doesn’t have what it takes to nullify what hope knows we’ve got!

Philippians 1 :21 (NIV)
For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.

Because of you, I live in you not in me.  If I choose to live in me call it game over. I will always fall short. You’ve  never had one bad thought about  me. Your heart for me is to receive your affections.

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