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Faith, Where does it come from


Is it our job to conjure up faith?  This has been a concept that has taken me 30+ years to even start to grasp. Have you ever heard someone say something to the effect of  God didn’t answer your prayer because you didn’t have enough faith?  Have you ever been told you need to go out and get faith go dig for your breakthrough? 

Did you get your salvation that way? Most of you should say no to this. (If you said yes contact me you may have some other issus to work out). Of course not!  Salvation is a gift! The same with faith. This is actually fairly new to me. I came from the charismatic faith camp where we worked to get faith.

My faith does not define God,  his faith defines me, his faith is flawless and perfect.  Hey I would rather choose what his faith declares than mine.

Watch this 16 minute video. It will be 16 minutes that won’t be a waste.



Gods identity is not determined by my faith, but my identity is determined by his faith, his faith is flawless and perfect #selah

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