Why in the Hell Would God Still Be There?

Blaise Foret

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Have you ever made a mistake that you thought “Surely, this time I’ve screwed myself over. If God was okay with me earlier today, then He’s definitely done with me from here on out.”

Sometimes we can be so unmerciful with ourselves.

Everyone is in different places with this. I mean, our standards are all a little different.

I used to be such a zealot for religious works. If I set out to fast (yes, skip food!) for 3 days and ate M&M’s on the 2nd day at a friends birthday party (based on a true story), then I’d practically have a pity party with God and think that I would never be “used by God” because I was a pansy Christian who couldn’t even deny myself some color-coated chocolate goodness for the sake of the so-called “gospel”.

You might think that sounds exhausting. Well, you’re right… it was.


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