Caleb Miller’s response to Ryan Rufus’s video

Trinitarian Theology


Ryan Rufus posted a video in which he spoke on inclusion, trinitatarianism, and universalism. He lumped them all together as one belief. Caleb plays the original Ryan Rufus video and stops to interject.

If anything it is a wonderful resource on what each “ism” is. I have gotten to know Caleb via Facebook and YouTube. He is located in Fort Collins, Colarado  at Father’s House Ministries. I recommend watching not for the refuting or argument but to have a decent primer on the subject.

Caleb’s Suggested reads


The Father’s House (Fort Collins, Co)
John Crowder on Trinitarian Theology
A Brief Introduction to Trinitarian Theology

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5 responses to “Caleb Miller’s response to Ryan Rufus’s video”

  1. Dagmar Wood says :

    Ben, that was really good. Thanks!
    Sent from my happy place (Ephesians 2:6).

  2. Mel Wild says :

    Thanks for sharing this Ben. It’s funny about how many grace preachers, who get attacked by the likes of Dr. Michael Brown, Mike Bickle, and others, are on the same kind of witch hunt with these guys. It reminds me of when I was living in Chicago and overheard a Russian woman telling a Polish woman in a very thick accent to go back where she came from! I also don’t get the lumping in of Trinitarianism, Inclusionism and Universalsm. They are cleary not the same. Caleb did a good job on that. There’s truth in all of them. I probably fall in the Trinitarian view, but I’m not an Inclusionist. At least, at this moment. 🙂 Although, I believe a lot of the same things they believe. On that note, it might be better if we just listened to people before throwing stones. Maybe we will learn something from all of them.

    • Ben Kilen says :

      I’m in the Trinitatarian camp and leaning towards inclusion,

      Which part of ALL doesn’t mean ALL?

      • Mel Wild says :

        Yup, we really need to wrestle through these things and not just have a knee-jerk reaction to views that don’t sound like the traditional evangelical-speak.

      • Ben Kilen says :


        Ya know the Pharisees thought they had it all nailed down, boy were they wrong! I used to be the guy who had his theology and doctrine all nailed down. I thought I had the answer to most anything, now I have pitched out 90+ % of that and question most everything. There are now many things I don’t have a perfect answer for and I’m OK saying “I don’t know.”

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