Dangers of ‘Hard-line’ Eschatology

Mark Hendrickson is a long tme friend and apparently he is wise too.

Beyond the Map

Note: this post is rather long.

The following is an excerpt of my response from an email dialog which occurred in fall 2011 between me and several people about eschatological issues.  My experience has been that those whose central message is eschatology are prone to creating division if they are not agreed with… as opposed to guarding and promoting the unity of the body of Christ.  The hard-line response I received afterward required that I ‘pull out’ of the dialog.  For those who are ‘fighters’, there is no letting up and no end to the contention until someone is subjugated… or worse… pit-bull style.  Unfortunately and historically, for the hard-line eschatology ‘fighters’, ‘blood flowing in the streets’ is of only minor concern… and in some cases it may be celebrated as a personal victory trophy.

This thread started as a random general email asking me for feedback about the differences between…

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One response to “Dangers of ‘Hard-line’ Eschatology”

  1. darylgstewart says :

    Mark, this is extremely well put, and I feel exactly the same way. Why worry about the middle east when God has our back? I have never understood the scare tactics of some pre-trib rapture enthusiasts who would coerce people into the kingdom with emotional pleas about pilot less airplanes, snatched away fetus’s, ad nauseum, all speculation. Why not simply present the gospel and let the Holy Spirit do his work? He is much better at it than we are!

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