Titus 2:11-15 TMT

The grace of God shines as bright as day making the salvation of humankind undeniably visible

The day and age we live in sets the stage for displaying the attraction of an awe-inspired life; our minds are rescued in the revelation of righteousness. We are in the school of grace, instructed how to thoroughly reverse the apathy and indifference that erupts in a wave of lust that would seek to dictate the day.

Every one must welcome with open arms the outrageously blessed expectation; Jesus is what the world was waiting for! He radiates the brilliant intent of God engineered by his greatness to rescue the world in Jesus Christ.

He gave himself as a sacrifice in exchange for our freedom. We are redeemed from every obligation and accusation under the law and declared absolutely innocent. He defines who we are! Our brand name is “I am.” We are exclusively his. We are passionate people; we excel in doing everything we do beautifully.

Continue to communicate content in your every conversation; inspire and entreat with conviction and assertiveness; you are not at the mercy of anyone’s suspicious scrutiny.

Paul’s mission was to persuade people of their origin in God by bringing people in the understanding of truth in who they are in Christ.  He announced our original identity and redeemed innocence.  He  proclaimed Jesus unapologetically.

I posted  yesterday  about evangelism, and asked for your thoughts on it.  Well there  was not much feedback. I’ll blame it on it being  Mothers day. I went to  GPR to chill and found  this tweet by @davidsliker.

“I love that the gospel and grace are being preached everywhere. I don’t love how those words have become a substitute for saying, “Jesus”. Without a conscious connection to a passionate Christ, “grace” & “gospel”  can become words that formulate an impersonal intimacy with God.”
                               Tweeted by David Sliker

It made me think  grace without  a conscious connection to a passionate  Christ become just cliche

Titus 116 TMT

They might even pretend that they know God by saying a few nice clichés, but when it comes to real LIFE the veneer cracks and the stench is nauseating; the effects of unbelief cannot be camouflaged.

True grace points directly at Jesus, and is based out of relationship.  I’ve stated it in previous blogs that true grace draws one closer to God. That is a relational connection. Out of that relationship evangelism should be a natural effect. I personally am against  the fear based hell fire and brimstone tactics. A Christians message  should draw people  in, it should be  compelling. The hope given  via the cross is a watershed of wow!  (you can quote me on that).  It is not the list of do’s and don’ts that  I was brought up on and propagated 25+ years. I wonder how many people I have  hurt over the years with my old mix of grace and the law. Unfortunately for  most of my life I was working under a combination of grace and the law. If the law  would  be a viable  solution Jesus  would  not have had to have gone to the cross  because man would be able to  work out his salvation via his own efforts  (work/law).  But if you have ever tried to comply  with all ten commandments  and the 500+ other edicts  you might realize that man will fall short  every time. Adams  fall was not  a mistake, God knew it was happening before  it took place. It was part of  his plan. Adams  fall brought  about  God’s  ability  for redemption. Jesus went to the cross and paid  the price for man.  We were  co-crucified and co-resurrected with him at that moment.  He died  one time as a payment  for all  sin past present future.  My sin was paid for prior  to my birth and conception. I am forgiven and redeemed in Him!

2 Corinthians 3:18 We behold Him as in a mirror. We behold Him, is there any fault in Jesus (in the image in the mirror)? We behold Him as in a mirror, if we see Him doesn’t he see us too? He comes to reveal the truth about you! That we may know who we are. He came to reproduce His very qualities that he has in us. The cross was that hard reset that set aside the law and brought the new Adam that wiped out the sin nature. That mirror goes two ways. We put off this transformation saying I’m not there yet, but a mirror is AT THIS MOMENT. It is not in the past or future it is the here and now. God sees us in our best even when we are at our low points. That image in the mirror is our original identity, our redeemed innocence, our victorious overcoming walking in power and miracles persona.

Jesus walked his life without sin. He came to earth and took on mans form. he was made flesh. He went through all temptations that entangles our humanity (Hebrews 2). He was at base flesh. It says he grew in wisdom and knowledge (Luke). He knew his father, he knew his mission, and he knew the outcome while still being man like us. Romans 8 calls his flesh, sinful flesh. He was able to look to his father and see the eternal outcome. He sees the spectacular and has a purpose/mission to see eternal results.  In my blog yesterday I asked are we willing to lay down our life for the eternal outcome. Am I willing to lose my life. Jesus laid down his life for us so that we could walk into that same eternal  mindset here on earth and eternally.

In Romans makes such an appeal that we see that we can/could die with Christ at the cross and walk in his calling on earth as it in heaven TODAY!  Paul looked into that mirror and saw that image of Christ reflected back in him(Paul). That image points to a reality greater than me. I want to experience that reality.

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About Ben Kilen

I am a average guy father of 4. I don't claim any super powers or amazing talents. I do have a double jointed thumb and I have always hoped it would bring me wealth and fame but so far it hasn't. I am an eclectic music lover as long and by music current day main stream rap does not qualify as music. Anything that has one to two sentences hammered over and over with no melody or excessive auto tune does not qualify.

9 responses to “Unapologetically!”

  1. justacowboyforchrist says :

    I’m not sure how this fits with your view, but I like to say we have been saved from the “curse” of the Law, but the “blessings” are still there for us. As one example, I still see the Law as God’s authority to declare good or evil, right or wrong, sin or righteousness, and as such…it is effective “authority” against the devil! I like to “throw the book” at the devil! I arrest him in the name of Jesus based on God’s righteous Laws which he violates on a regular basis. As I draw closer to God I cannot help but also fulfill more of the Law, and the closer I am to God, the more blessings I can walk in. I do not focus on the Law in FEAR, because I have been SAVED from that. (Praise God!) The Law has become my friend, because the curse has been taken away, I focus on loving Jesus, and I use the Law against the devil in the name of Jesus. Just like we use man’s laws as grounds to arrest criminals, I use God’s Laws as grounds to arrest the devil He is the ultimate Law breaker. I think I basically agree with your perspective, if I understand it right. I see the Law as nothing but good for me now, as the bad has been taken out of it, but not for the devil, and not for the lost. Final point: Whether you agree with this view, or not, I still enjoy reading your message, and for the most part, I think we agree. Let me know what you think.

    • Ben Kilen says :

      We are basically on the same page, my slant is the whole striving on my own to meet every tot and tat of the law… The pharisees were under the law an were it was black and white meet the standards or sacrifice a goat for every short coming. For years I was striving to meet the requirements of the law. I usually fell short and was in total guilt and condemnation. What if I didn’t ask forgiveness for a sin and one slipped past unforgiven?

      Ask your self, how many sins do I have to do to fall short?

      Most people answer 1, the answer is actually 0. We were born with a sin nature. His sacrifice at the cross nullified That sin nature if I accept it and pursue him. All men have the same free gift, it is a matter of accepting it and walking in it. It would be like If you have an inheritance but were never told about your right to it. All men have an inheritance of and to grace in Jesus (condemnation free ). The law is still there as a guide post but I am not bound to achieve mastery on my own abilities. Same book, perspective…

      • justacowboyforchrist says :

        I suppose you would not agree with my article on “apostasy”, but for the most part we agree. Psalms 91 says that because I set my love upon HIM, HE will deliver me. This is the best path to a relationship with God. This is the ground I want to stand on, and also recommend to others. Praise God, Brother.

    • Ben Kilen says :

      Went and read your Apostasy blog, I’m not quite sure what you think my view would be but….

      I’m definitely not in the once saved always saved clan. I’ve seen many hard core christians who have fled the flock. Two close friends have jumped ship, both of these I have no doubt were firm believers. One was a month away from graduating with a degree in theology the other I had ministered with side by side and would have trusted him with all manners of things.

      There are people who have taken the grace message and ran with it as a license to sin. One ministry up north felt it had the authority via grace to redeem swearing and marajuana. Yeah not feeling it. I don’t doubt their roots but their fruits in the end went south

      • justacowboyforchrist says :

        Sounds like you and I are even closer to like-minded than I realized. I’ve been intending to get you on my “Blogs I enjoy” list. I’ll have you there soon.

  2. Ben Kilen says :

    Not hard to be like minded when you keep the owners manual around and use it, always need to remember the manual points to its product. The product (Christ) is the most important.

    • Ben Kilen says :

      PS: I’ve said this in blogs before also, the true message of grace draws you closer to God. Those who take it as a license to sin are straight up deceived. True grace will transform a person to become more Christ like. The things of the flesh won’t satisfy any longer.

  3. mybroom says :

    Hi Ben,
    love your work. Grace is the doorway into Christ, it’s all about Him. I agree with your sentiments here, we must not linger and admire the doorway – we must by faith move through it into the wonder of our salvation which is Christ and Him crucified. Keep up the great posts, cheers Graeme

    • Ben Kilen says :

      I’ve heard of “the grace message” but didn’t see or understand its impact till about 6 months ago. I have thrown out 80% of my old theology because of “the grace message”. Yeah its been a whirlwind these past few months.

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