The Church without Religion


I recently was told I should look at two books by Andrew Farley.  The first was The Naked Gospel and the other was God without Religion. I am working my way through the second ine right now. I am finding it falling in line with what God has been impressing on my heart.

In my opinion they are good reads and very provoking.  I also found to two YouTube videos that give a good overview in kind of a shotgun blast. I listened to both 4+ times each last week.  I find repetition works well for myself.



Dr. Andrew Farley is senior pastor of Ecclesia: Church Without Religion, a non-denominational, evangelical church that has resided on the high plains of west Texas for more than 55 years. Andrew is a bestselling author of three Christian books, and his writings have been featured in national news and media outlets including PBS, CBS, and FOX. Andrew serves as a faculty adviser for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and he frequently speaks to Christian university groups like Campus Crusade for Christ and at churches around the United States and in Canada.

God without Religion session 1

God without Religion session 2

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3 responses to “The Church without Religion”

  1. veronicah rose says :

    What he’s talking about is legalism and traditionalism, not religion. Google the definition for religion, and this is what you’ll get: “The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.” You believe in, and worship God correct. I’m just concerned with his terminology here; I have nothing against you personally.

    • Ben Kilen says :

      My take (I’m using the title he gave it),

      One could label it legalism or traditionalism, I am more about the heart of the message. So many Christians are living under condemnation (call it legalism or whatever). I have lived my Christian life thinking I was so on track and went through ministry burn out trying to attain, achieve, and strive (I had the Martha works mentality). I was in a spiritual desert for the past five years because of it. The realization/revelation of the true ramifications that the act of death, burial, and resurrection on thr cross has been freeing. I had always preached grace, hope, and forgiveness but never took it for the free gift it is. I had a works mentality a outward appearance mentality, a guilt message.

      The gift given via the cross, Christ dieing once for all sin past, present, and future one time is amazing if one truly understands the implications.

      Read my blog “God don’t take your Nachos away”

      Semantics will always be an issue, the messsge is what I think is important.

      Andrew Farley, the author, probably used that title to grab ones attention.

  2. Sarah says :

    I’m reading The Naked Gospel with a friend as we speak! I’m enjoying it so far.

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