Not the Best but…


I have been reading a book by Andrew Farley titled God without religion can it really be the simple. He poses a statement to the effect; I’m not good at religion and I’m a weak Christian. This is probably true for most of us. I definitely fit the category.  I have sinned and more than likely it (sin) will probably pop up again. Whether that sin is lieing, , cheating, murder, swearing,  etc. it really doesn’t matter what the sin is. There is no scale saying once sin is greater than another. Sin is sin…

My God has grace and forgiveness enough for all of us.

Just saying

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About Ben Kilen

I am a average guy father of 4. I don't claim any super powers or amazing talents. I do have a double jointed thumb and I have always hoped it would bring me wealth and fame but so far it hasn't. I am an eclectic music lover as long and by music current day main stream rap does not qualify as music. Anything that has one to two sentences hammered over and over with no melody or excessive auto tune does not qualify.

2 responses to “Not the Best but…”

  1. saminaiqbal27 says :

    We all sin all the time but when the realization comes to us and we feel like asking for forgiveness from the one who forgives without delay, that’s the moment of victory for us. Realization is what is important, leave the rest to God. I am sure you are a very good human being by reading from your blog, you are just humble. Good quality. God bless.

  2. horsiesilly says :

    My God has grace and forgiveness enough for all of us – my hope and joy!

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