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Simple Thoughts


Never let anyone tell you that God likes you one day and wants to spank you another…

He loves you unconditionally at all times. This love does not rely on your behavior or reciprocation.

Over the past two years I have been learning this on a very practical and on a personal level. It has been a radical life changing revelation. I no longer have a desert mentality.  There are no down times once you know who you are and how you are seen. I no longer base my relationship or identity on my actions or behavior.  It is nothing I can do on my own…. No more striving no more worrying about falling short! You can not fall short ever again!

You will get out of God what you believe about Him. If you see or believe Him as a harsh task master or a wrathful judgemental being, that is what you will get. He is LOVE….

Not judgemental,  not looking for you to screw up. He is looking waiting for you to see that he is already inside you, with you always,  and wanting to reveal his heart toward you.

He will always and only see you as his loved sons and daughters. No strings attached he has included ALL! He has included ALL! Regardless of your behavior.  He is waiting for you to acknowledge or see his love.

No strings attached!
Jesus was not an example for us but of us.

Unconditionally (Katy Perry)


In my past life I was the guy who is judgemental about everything. In my new predicament paradigm whatever you wanna call it. I now can see things totally different. I’m able to God in things that I totally overlooked before.

Katy Perry it’s probably not what you call the Christian role model. But her new album has some songs that are amazing. She might never know how she has been used by God but in my opinion I think she has been.

Unconditionally is one of those songs. When listening to the song, imagine that the words are those Of God being sung to you, to mankind. The only thing that is required of you (mankind) is acceptance. A total free and unconditional gift.

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