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Cone Man!


Posted this in reply to a Facebook post by  Tim Cone (oh, ladies I think he’s single)


“My identity is not found in what I do, but who I am in Christ”

My identity is who I am in him, He is the I am in me! His definition of me trumps who I say i am every time. He created me before the world was formed, he forgave and poured out grace for all mankind at the same time (time is a man concept, God doesn’t deal in a time continuum) Romans 6:10-11. Says he died once for all mankind. So his only image of me is forgiven an whole. Gen 1:26 says wevwere created in his likeness his image, we weren’t goats or guinee pigs! We were created in his image, he is my identity. 2 Cor 3:18 is the whole mirror deal. When we look in the mirror he is the reflection in the mirror. A mirror does not show the past or future but what is there at that exact moment. He is the I am in me! As he is so am I!

Sanctifa… When? sorta blogged on this, this morning. .

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