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The One Father, Son and Spirit


By Andre Rabe On June 25, 2013 · 

For us to attempt to define and identify this God, would simply be ridiculous.

For us to describe how God identified and defined Himself in Jesus Christ, is the declaration of the gospel.To define means to describe the nature, scope, or meaning of something.

For something or someone to be infinite, it means that there is no limit to the scope or extend of what we describe. To be infinite means that there is always something more, something beyond what is already known. For God to define himself, means that he places certain boundaries on who he is, on what can be said of him and therefore, by definition, he is no longer infinite in the absolute sense.

For instance: when God declares that he is only good, that only light dwells in him and that no darkness or evil has any place in him, it means that he has placed a certain boundary on how we can describe him; it means that he is not infinite in the sense that he is both good and evil. Such a self-definition means that he is finite in that he is only good and there is no evil in him beyond his goodness. However, he is infinitely good and will continue to surprise us with his goodness. He remains infinite in the attributes that are part of his nature, that means we can say that he is infinitely loving, infinitely good, infinitely wise. Yet he has defined himself very specifically …

God has done the unthinkable, he has defined himself in the most precise way, in an actual person and an actual event! The bravest of philosophers would not have imagined such a thing because it would place terrible limitations on how we speak of God. But God did what seems like foolishness to our wisdom. In Jesus, God does exactly what our imaginary gods cannot – he identifies himself in such a way that we may know him intimately.

The one God, who encompasses time and fills it, who is infinite except in the areas where he chose to define himself, has uniquely identified himself as Father, Son and Spirit. These are not generic terms to describe certain attributes. He is a very specific Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; He is a very specific Son, Jesus Christ, the uniquely born Son that is in the bosom of the Father and He is a very specific Spirit, the spirit of this Father and this Son.

This God is the creative source, the creative process and the end result of his own creative genius.

The Father, from before time began, intended the perfect union of man and God, intended the Son, Jesus Christ. The Father is the creative source who finds expression in the Son and through his spirit. It is through the Son and through the Spirit that the Father is freed to be all He intends to be.

The Son is the fulfillment of the Father’s intention and in the incarnation this fulfillment is made manifest in our time-space dimension. In Jesus the invisible becomes visible, the eternal enters time, the infinite willingly and purposely defines himself, the inner motivation, the word of God becomes flesh and ultimately the immortal God … dies! But Jesus’ death does not contaminate God, rather life fatally infects death … and death dies!

He is big enough to become a servant and not be reduced in who he is. He is strong enough to face evil even in his most vulnerable state, allowing evil to do its worst to him, even kill him and then simply rise again!

Is this the best you can do, evil?
Is this all you’ve got?
Where is your sting?
Where is your victory?

He is wise enough to partake of our humanity, to enter our temporality and instead of loosing himself, he finds us, raises us, glorifies us and makes us partakers of his divine nature.

Eternity has penetrated time without becoming subject to the temporal. God became a man without ceasing to be God. The prince of life died and in dying conquered death. Behold He is alive! Death was swallowed up in victory.

This Father who intended us throughout time and eternity; this Son who fulfilled his Father’s intention and removed every obstacle between man and God, this Father and this Son is present with us by their Spirit. It is the very Spirit breathed by the Father and the very Spirit breathed by the Son that is with us now, ever blowing us into the limitless future of the God who makes all things new.

By the Spirit the Father and Son have come and made their home with you, ready to create a future beyond our wildest dreams. What is there to fear? Nothing in the past, nothing present, nothing to come can separate you from the love embrace of this God.

God – Father, Son and Spirit – embraces our time, encircles it and also fills it with enduring value and meaning. He has always known you and loved you. You have always been his will and intention.

Source http://hearhim.net/

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