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Total totality!


Your life is your prayer in totality!

From praying, talking, eating, working, playing, sleeping, pooping, etc. It is all prayer.

Romans 3:24

Jesus Christ is proof of God’s grace gift; he redeemed the glory of God in human life; mankind condemned is now mankind justified because of the ransom paid by Christ Jesus!

(He proved that God did not make a mistake when he made man in his image and likeness! Sadly the evangelical world proclaimed verse 23 completely out of context! There is no good news in verse 23, the gospel is in verse 24! All fell short because of Adam; the same ‘all’ are equally declared innocent because of Christ! The law reveals what happened to man in Adam; grace reveals what happened to the same man in Christ.)


1 Corinthians 2:7

We voice words of wisdom that was hidden in silence for timeless ages; a mystery unfolding God’s Masterful plan whereby he would redeem his glory in man.

In the above verses it states that mankind is his Glory. We are His glory! Our lifes are living prayers towards Him. It is the realignment of our very being to our original identity and redeemed innocence. His DNA was in us pre-dirt. Mankind has succumbed to living a lie that we are less than His sons and daughters. Wake up people!  We were never not His kids! (For those of you who need help, we are and always have been His sons and dsughgters from before the world was created.) Daddy has been trying to reconcile our hearts and minds to that fact. 

Have you ever heard of the term kinsman redeemer?

A kinsman redeemer can be defined as; The relative who restores or preserves the full community rights of disadvantaged family members. let’s make up an example. Your brother or sister has a family, they were sold into slavery because of a debt they could not repay. You as the closest living relative would have the first rights or option to pay the debt for their family and restore them. The payment you provide to redeem them had absolutely nothing to do with what they did or could do. It was a free gift that only qualifier was realtion or DNA.

I know many hold to the idea of adoption into Christ.

Ephesians 1:5

Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will,

He is the architect of our design; his heart dream realized our coming of age in Christ. Adoption here is not what it means in our Western society, it is a coming of age, like the typical Jewish Barmitsva. (See Galatians 4:1-6) adoption should be translated as coming of age, stepping into adulthood or maturity. I have always looked at it as adoption.

“Adoption” infers not a natutal born full blooded child. But that is a deception a lie! If we were made in His image (Gen 1:26) pre-dirt we were never not His child. We were never less than His image.

1) We are made in His image
2) We were created pre-dirt
3) We are His sons and daughters
4) We are His Glory
5) The totality of our lives is prayer
6) It is a free gift nothing man does can gain it outside of free grace

We glorify God by just being. As I stated in the beginning. Your life is your prayer in totality!bFrom praying, talking, eating, working, playing, sleeping, pooping, etc. It is all prayer.

We were created to be his family. He is love. The only view he will ever have of you is that of a blameless son our daughter. He is outside of time and space. He never had a plan B! Adams fall was a given not an oops. The trinity did not have to draw straws to see who was going to come down an clean up Adam’s mess. Jesus willingly came down Incarnate to be a man with us forever. By dying on the cross we were crucified, died, buried, and ressurected with Him. Through doing this our original identity and redeemed innocence was restored. This was not some penal substitution from a wrathful God. It was a all loving God redeeming us as His sons and daughters.

I will get into wrath another time, still working the language out on that.

Your life is His glory, your life is a prayer! You are His natural/spiritual born sons and daughters!

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