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Corey Russell Onething 2011 New Creation/Grace (Remix)


Found this on YouTube,  I’ve  known Corey for 10+ years. He is one of the most real peeps  I’ve  ever known. This is an awesome  remix of a message her delivered at the Onething 2011 here in Kansas City.

Corey Russell

“Misty Edwards Full Sermon: ATC 2012”


International House of Prayer Awakening Teen Camp (ATC)
Teen Intensive

Misty Edwards Speaking to the worship track

@juliemihopkc . Julie Meyer’s dreaming again

Julie Meyer, a friend of mine posted this on her Facebook page.  Julie is a musician, dreamer, author,mom, and much more. She has had numerous dreams that have accurately come to pass. She has been involved with ministering through music and intercession.  Julie and her family have been an integral part of the founding and continuation of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

I respect her very much. Please read what she has to say;

My last 30 years in the prayer roomThe year was 1983. I was 23 years old and attending Mike Bickle’s church called South Kansas City Fellowship. There were a core of us that attended the daily Prayer meetings back then. We met 3 times a day. At 6am, noon and 7pm – 10 every night. I also worked as a teller at a Bank in Overland Park, Kansas. So everyday what I would go to the 6am, head to work, run back over to the noon prayer meeting during my lunch break, then go back to work…then head home, quick change of clothes and head up to the 7-10pm prayer meeting. This was my life and I loved it.

At the time I could not even think of doing anything else. I remember being there the day Bob Jones came up and said, ‘24/7 House Of Prayer’. The singing will never stop round the clock. God is releasing the song birds’ At that time I could not imagine doing anything else. A small group of us would talk about this over coffee frequently. ‘What would this look like? How could this be? 24/7 worship? Will I get to do this full-time? Will this be my job?”

I think it is an awesome thing to watch the spoken prophetic Word of God become a reality. That is exactly what I have watched these past 11 years. I literally saw the Prophetic Word become a reality of which I am actively involved in. I have watched my children grow up in the House Of Prayer. I have watched their hearts awakened to His Love at young ages. I have watched them become excellent in the Word of God and also excellent in their skill as prophetic musicians. Now I am watching for the 2nd half of the prophetic word to become a reality. For I remember the day Bob Jones stood up and said ‘Out of this 24/7 House of Prayer will come the day when ‘No disease known to man will stand’. We are so close to this. I can feel it. I can see it in the distance but it is getting closer and closer. I tell myself, ‘I am so blessed that I get to do what I do. I get to praise my Bridegroom. I get to sing to my Father and experience the touch of the Holy Spirit. This is my calling. This is my heart and this is my Glory to awaken the dawn with my song. To sing, to praise, to prophesy that which is on the Lord’s heart. I have literally seen the first part of this Word come to pass and the ‘No disease known to man will stand’ is coming quickly’. Oh the Glory of the day when wheel chairs are lined at the front of the stage because the lame are now leaping. It is coming……It is coming! God is stirring the hearts of His Levites all over the world, from nation to nation. He loves it when the fragrance of intercession and praise arises. I had a dream about this very thing that I am reminded of as God is setting His watchmen on the wall to cry out day and night, to never keep silent and give Him no rest….


I Am Undone (Dream from my ‘Supernatural Dreams and Encounters’ Book) We move Heaven when God stirs our heart to pray day and night (Isaiah 62). When we entwine ourselves with His purposes and are faithful to the invitation to intercede, He acts on behalf of those who wait for Him. This dream is a picture about how faithfulness, especially in intercession, moves God’s heart (Psalm 132:3–5). I had a dream. An angel took me into the room of a man who was deep in sleep. We stood together at the foot of his bed so the angel could show me how this faithful person spent even his unconscious hours. I could hear the man praying while he was asleep. Every time he would roll over in his bed, he would say, “Abba, here I am. Here I am, Abba. I love You, Abba.” I looked up through the ceiling and saw a vast angelic army. Together the angels seemed like an ocean of brilliant, radiant light. It appeared that they were pulsing and trembling, just waiting to break in. They were waiting to be released by the call of the angel who had led me into the room. He was in great anguish because he earnestly desired to give the call they were all expecting, but he only said one sentence: “It is not quite time yet.” I kept looking at the heavenly hosts. I could see ladders. I could see lamps. I could feel the anticipation and how strongly they wanted to break in. The angelic multitude was getting ready to burst in, not with a simple entrance, but with a flood of divine activity. Only this single angel held back the imminent breakthrough. But it was not quite time for him to release them. There was something yet to be completed before the breakthrough could happen, though I was not shown what it was. I noticed the Lord standing at the head of the man’s bed. I was able to feel His gaze of tender kindness and hear His gentle whisper over the man. He said, “So many people said they would do it, and they never did, but you really did it. You really did it.” The Lord’s affirming voice, affection and kindness to the man were due to the man’s faithfulness in continual night and day prayer, even in the mundane things of life. This man did not seek fame and fortune; he stayed steady, lovesick for God and unoffended day by day. A tear came from the corner of the Lord’s eye; He was deeply moved by this man’s faithfulness. The tear fell in slow motion and broke into a hundred tiny splashes on the man’s pillow. It was beautiful to watch. This display of passion was a side of the Lord I had not seen before. From my vantage point, I noticed that the man’s room was as bright as day even in the darkness, because the hosts of Heaven were so close to breaking through. The Lord looked at me and said, “We have heard many pray, ‘Take us up.’ Instead, tell the faithful ones, ‘Heaven is coming down. Heaven is breaking in.’” The Lord added, “And tell them, I am undone.”


@MistyEdwards “Only a Shadow” Full Concert


Just found this on YouTube. Misty Edwards Only a Shadow live concert recorded at  The International House of Prayer One Thing Conference 2012.

The album came out this week. 
(Pseudo Commercial Plug)

Misty Edwards and Isaac Meyer (Prayer Room)


A little change of pace. One of the perks of living in Kansas City is being a part of the International House of Prayer . We moved here about 13 years ago to be a part of it. We moved here in August 99 and in September of 99 is when they officially were able maintain 24/7 worship and intercession.  I was on staff full time 2000-2005. I wore multiple hats and worked at all hours but in the beginning we all did.

If you haven’t heard about it or want to know more click here. You can also access the live webstream here.

Here is a YouTube clip of Misty Edwards and Isaac Meyer (my brother in law). It’s one of my favorites.

Old Time Religion


I heard a reference to that gospel song “Old Time Religion” and I started to think. Nah, I really don’t want that old time religion. I really in all my life known what pure Christianity really is. I have just lately gotten a glimpse of what I believe to be Christianity is supposed to be.

I’m pushing the 40 + mark right now and I’m looking back at what my impact or how I’ve tried impact those around me. Looking at your spiritual roots can sometimes be a little bit painful. They say we learn by trial and error, and sometimes I feel there’s more error the trial. About 12 years ago I move to Kansas City and took a job teaching at Dominion Christian school. I have the privilege of teaching really bright kids. Many of them have moved on to some really awesome ministry in everything from music, preaching, sports, etc.

One of the classes that I taught was the homeroom Bible class. I often wonder how effective I really was and what my motives we’re. There was one studeny who often said “Oh no, it’s time for one of Mister K’s guilt trips.” I look back and my paradigm was probably one of outside appearance and works.

I have recently been spiritually challenged and with that some blinders have been removed. I was bound up in a works mentality. I was a slave to a set of laws.

Romans 8:15 (TMT) Slavery is such a poor substitute for sonship! They are opposites; the one leads forcefully through fear while friendship responds fondly to Abba Father.

I was moving in a spirit of “look what I can do. ” There’s the Marys and the Marthas, I was a Martha. I moved as a servant not a son.

Luke 10:41-42 NLT

But the Lord said to her, “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Jesus blatantly said Mary chose the better. There has to be a balance as sitting at his feet or gazing on Jesus and getting things to happen. How much easier would it be to move out of passion then self will. The DIY attitude works when you are building a deck but in the spiritual world I now know He can do it much better than I could ever do. I worked and pressured change out of guilt and condemnation. Many of my students were striving to change out of will power. I’ve been a part of The International House of Prayer and one of the things stressed there is time spent worshipping and gazing as it were on Jesus will turn you from a Martha to a Mary.

Romans 6:11 “…Calculate the cross; there can only logical solution: he died for your death; that means you died unto sin, and now are alive unto God. Sin-consciousness can never again feature in your future. You are in Christ Jesus; his Lordship is the authority of this union.

His death on the cross brought the New Covenant (Grace) into the equation and wiped out mans reliance on the Law.

James 2:10 If you the standard of the law in just one aspect of it you failed entirely.

Jesus wiped out that old time religion. The law to me is thst old time religion. When I heard the words old time religion I conjure up pictures of fire and brimstone preachers who point that gnarled finger in your face yelling “Repent! ” This is a form of Christianity that to me leaves much to be desired. I do not want to spend my life trying to achieve some level of acceptance that is based on guilt and condemnation God. I love the fact that I now know there is a God who sees me as blameless now. He exudes grace. He knows me and likes me anyway.

No old time religion (law) for me.

Misty Edwards, Only a Shadow


******* BREAKING NEWS*******


March 19th Misty Edwards live album “Only a Shadow” comes out.



Owners Manuals


What’s the mist recent tech toy you have bought? Whether it’s an ipad or cell phone most likely it came with a owners manual. These manuals can be a huge help when you are learning a new skill on your new toy. They can give you insight and make things attainable. They can help you setup your email or your voice mail. You can read them from beginning to end. You can even memorize parts or photo copy pages to keep around for a quick reference. But in the end the manual can not send an email or make a call for you. The manual is used to point to the device.  It’s there to guide you and help you along the way. The Bible is our owners manual,  use it but make sure we connect with what it points to. God is asking for a relationship. A relationship people!

Act on what you get out of your bible. It needs to drive you to contemplation and prayer. The more you get into the word the more you should be driven to relating with the one who inspired it.

I recommend daily reading and contemplating. I also recommend You Version, it’s a website and you can get an app for most data devices as well. A friend of mine (Randy Bohlender) challenged myself and a group of guys to do one of You Version’s reading plans. We chose to do the New Testament in 30 days. I did it 12 months in a row using a different version each time. It was a awesome means to know the manual. We also setup a Facebook group to post insight and ask questions. I really enjoyed the iron sharpening iron.

Get to know your manual and get to know your God on a relationship level.


Alabaster Box by Julie Meyer


This is one of my favorite songs it speaks to me each time I hear it. Ive known Julie Meyer since 1999 when we moved to Kansas City.  She has been a part of the International House of Prayer since its conception.  She is what I call “Good People “.

Leave a comment, let me know what you think.

IHOP Webstream Mobile without an APP


Goto the Google Play Store, they havevsn official app now.


As we sat around after the big Grillin’ BBQ a couple of us started talking about how we wished there was an APP for our phones that allowed us to stream the Prayer Room on our mobile devices.

Brian (who runs an HD2 Windows Mobile) said he could. I already knew that Windows mobile could but he then elaborated on another means to do so for other phones such as Blackberry’s, Android, and the Iphone….

Interested yet??

well  here it is

  • Goto http://www.yourmuze.fm/  and create an account
  • Once your account is created  you need to find THE PRAYER ROOM station

In My Stations Type in “THE PRAYER ROOM” and add the station to one of your list.

  • Now go to your phone and login to” m.yourmuze.fm “

We did this on an Iphone and an Android device (Myouch Slide). It worked with the Iphones regular browser BUT for the Android we had to use the Opera browser.

We have not tried it on a Blackberry but if we were able to get it to work on these two I am fairly confident it should work on the Blackberry as well.

I have sent texts to people in the IHOP media world about the making of an APP but in the meantime this works NICELY!!!!

I added a shortcut to Opera on my homescreen and have it as a bookmark when Opera opens so in two taps I am streaming. On the iphone we put a book mark on to its home screen.  Nice.


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