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Galations 2


I’m not going to say too much this morning.  At New Day Lloyd Rindels opened quoting Galations 2:18-20 out of  The Mirror Translation.

18 Only a con artist will try to be a law-man and a grace-man at the same time!

19 My co-crucifixion with Christ is valid! I am not making this up.  In his death I died to the old system of trying to please God with my own good behavior!  God made me alive together with Christ.  How can any human effort improve on this!

20 The terms, co-crucified and co-alive defines me now.  Christ in me and I in him! His sacrificial love is evidence of his persuasion of my righteousness!

If you have read any of my blog in the past this is probably the common thread,  your identity is in him! He defines you not your actions or abilities. If I could do anything to attain a place of position before God the act of the cross would have not been necessary.

The law has been superseded by the cross.  We were co-crucified and our original identity was restored. Freely given, freely recieve it. Step into his grace, his freedom, his faith… A hard reset was done to this world at the cross. That relationship that God had with Adam in the garden (pre-sin) has been restored. Your redeemed innocence is restored.


God don’t take your Nacho’s away


I was up early after being pounced on by a five year old (literally awakened by a 50# sack of inhibition saying “daddy get up”). I might not have appreciated it at the time but I know I will look back 15vyears from now and wish I could re-live it over and over. With that being said I arose and prepared the morning cereal and sat down for a morning snuggle. We turned on some cartoons and one of the characters had a quote “I have two words for you, Nach O’s.” Ok, so it wasn’t actually two words but it has been stuck in my head ever since. I have been in Romans again.

Romans 6:6-9 NLT

We know that our old sinful selves were crucified with Christ so that sin might lose its power in our lives. We are no longer slaves to sin. For when we died with Christ we were set free from the power of sin. And since we died with Christ, we know we will also live with him. We are sure of this because Christ was raised from the dead, and he will never die again. Death no longer has any power over him.

He died ONCE for sin. We died with him we arose and were set free from the earthly hold of sin. He did it! I have walked 99% of my life living under the paradigm of living under the weight of bwing a sinner and because of this the guilt, condemnation, and performance based Christianity I have lived under has been well… awful. In the past 6 months God has changed my perspective towards the sin nature. This brings me back to my Nacho’s.

Picture a party scene, the host has put out a platter of nachos, they are there for all. They were freely put out and were assumed to be there for all the attendees. To eat those nachos do you have to;

1. Pay for them?
2. Do a stupid human trick to gain access?
3. Bribe the guy watching the food table? 4. Beg?
5. Put on sack cloth and cover yourself with ashes?
6. Go mission impossible, drop from the ceiling via zip line snd stealthy grab them?
7. Dress in your Sunday best and look marvelous?
8. Have the high score on Pac Man or Halo?

The answer is none of the above. The nachos are yours freely, they came with the invitation.

Drop dead to your own efforts.  God is not sitting in a  revolving chair. He does not turn his back and pull the nacho tray if I/you sin. He already died for my/your sin past, present, and future.  He no longer sees it (past, present, and future). We don’t have to grovel and reach if we make a mistake. He is not sitting in a chair looking at us continually,  he is permanently set in us. Whether I fall on my face or am sprinting forward he is in me and likes it there regardless of me.

Confession of sin is not your telling God about your sin it’s teling sin about your God. Sin lost its authority to  run my life. It’s a done deal.

Romans 6:6 TMT

We perceive that our old lifestyle was co-crucified together with him; this concludes that the vehicle that accommodated sin is in us, was scrapped and rendered entirely useless. Our slavery to sin has come to an end.

Romans 6:9 TMT

It is plain to see that death lost its dominion over Christ in his resurrection; he need not ever die again to prove a further point.

How many sins have you commited? How many have you confessed? I’m looking for a number. Do the numbers match?

Guess what God died once and took care of your sin one time. He doesn’t have to die again and again. Your sin was taken care of past, present, and future all at the same time. He does not pull the nachos if you mess up. Grace covers you eternally.

Paul’s message throughout the NT was of extravagant love because he was extravagantly transformed, his identity was not of this world he saw the eternal here on earth. He was able to withstand life long persecution because he saw the other side here and now.

My 2:00 am wake up


So I woke up around 2am, I
got up went to the kitchen and had a, drink. I came back to bed.  I often put worship music or play the Bible audio (streaming) while I sleep. As I was crawling back into bed I picked up my phone to change the track. I noticed a blinking blue light reminding me I missed something and my phone wants to remind me to look. I looked at the status  bar and opened Facebook.  I saw a post by Francois du Toit and read it. My spirit was provoked by it. About seven hours I was with a small group discussing the resurrection in light of Romans, Ephesians, and 2 Corinthians. God you can wake me up like this as much as you want.

Francois quote is below.

“A meaningful relationship with the Creator and our fellow humans of tangible content and feedback was substituted for an airy-fairy philosophy of religious ritual, sentiment and dreams. Trapped in a spiritual vacuum of ignorance, we’ve latched on to worn-out and fading traditions of the past and vague future hopes.”

Francois du Toit

Once the veil of religion (law) is lifted and the epiphany of the realization what happened at the cross truly or even partially gets through a mans mind and springs forth into his spirit the freedom it brings is wow

Ephesians 2:13 TMT “But now wow! Everything has changed; vhou have discovered yourselves to be located in Christ.  What once seemed so distant is now so near; his blood reveals your redeemed innocence and authentic genesis. ”

The WOW factor,  the cross a the impact of mans co-death and co-resurrection. We are one with Christ at that time,  pre-coneption.

Francois will be coming to Kansas City the end of May beginning of June,  I look forward to it expectantly.

If you found out who you were meant to be would you settle for who you are now?


If you found out who you were meant to be would you settle for who you are now?

I just read the above statement on Facebook.  There is so much information and media being thrown at the average American I wonder if we can actually disseminate or even handle the barage of media overload. That being said I admit to being a victim. I have a Twitter, Facebook, and a couple email accounts being pushed live to my phone. I have more info than I need. I probably miss a large share and most I will never miss…. but there are nuggets out there that can build me up or make me think. The above quote is one I’m glad I stumbled upon.

If you found out who you were meant to be would you settle for who you are now?

I have been writing lately out of Romans and identity has been a theme. Our identity has been redeemed at the cross and very few people realize what that means. I remember the Beanie Babby craze where people woul pay outrageous prices for stuffed animals. McDonalds came out with the mini-Beanie Babies and people woul actually follow the McDonalds semi trucks to make sure they would get the newest stuffed animsl to complete their collections. Think about Black Friday where the lines outside of big box retailers go for blocks and individuals camp outside the stores 48+ hours before a midnight store opening. People go to fanatical lengths to acquire things. The Beanie Babies, the XBOX, the latest version of Halo, etc. will all perish and yet we spend/waste so much effort and time over. There are collectors who spend there entire lives with some niche. I ask this, are you willing to waste your life walking into your original identity? Personally I am not there but I’m desiring to know it. I am changing my lifes priorities. I was once told the degree you press in is the dgree recieve.



Starting out with a question, who has ever had a sin issue that you have had an issue overcoming? We all have, its a part of the sin nature that most people walk under. A few years back a guy who was in a youth group I lead started asked me to join a (private) group he sarted to help thwart masturbation. Not gonna lie, it was a awkward. I joined but soon realized this was a 12 step group type of deal that was destined to fail. Temptations of sexual nature plague 120% of guys I can’t speak for the ladies. Personal experience says will power alone will not make it go away. The other part is the saying, what you put in is what comes out. I noticed for guys who struggle with sexual issues they don’t filter what goes in to well. Let’s face it, the media constantly bombards our senses, especially the eyes, with explicit images. When I have had issues I can guarantee that I am feeding my flesh better than my spirit. God sent his son to restore us to our pre-Adams fall. Our identity was hard reset through the cross. We can walk in that today. I have found that when I am filling my spirit with his word and turning my heart towards him lust and sin issues are a non issue. The reality of who I was called to be is being revealed the more I fill my spirit with things from above rather than this world. I ask the question are you willing to waste your life to find and claim your identity with more zeal than Justn Bieber tickets? With more zeal than Beanie Babies? As I write this the Misty Edwards song “I will waste my life” is rolling through my head…

Would you waste your life fir anything less then that whole hearted relationship with God here on earth, now?

In seeking to walk into what my original identity should be, who I want to be in Christ, I walk in faith that God wants to meet me and through grace make it happen.

The Best the Law Could Offer


“The best the law could offer is to educate and confirm good intention; but the more powerful law, the law of sin introduced to mankind through one man transgression, has to be challenged by a greater force than human will power. Because sin robbed man of his true identity and a weekend in him all kind of worse animal like conduct, a set of rules couldn’t do it. The revelation of God righteousness has to be far more effective and powerful than man’s slavery to sin.” Francois Du Toit Found this quote in the preface to Romans in The Mirror Translation. It gives an overall glimpse of what the message of the book is. The gospel of the success of the cross, how God rescued msn from the effect of Adam’s grand oops.

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