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Is less more?

So two days ago I put up a post/blog that was not even two full sentences. This is in comparison to my mormal blogs which are much longer and much more effort is put into them. The funny thing is the two sentence blog was re-blogged and received triple the traffic.

This made me think of God’s economics. What we think or put a huge amount of effort into is nothing in comparison to just sitting at his feet and contemplating Him.

The first shall be blast and his wisdom goes contrary to mans is so evident at times and I still miss it. I guess that is why I’m so glad he’s keeping the books and not me.  I know if it were on my effort and works I would fall short every time.

I have a daddy (God) who likes me a whole lot,  in spite of me.

He made this world to be in a relationship with me/you. He did this all for me/you.

Think on that today…

Misty Edwards and Isaac Meyer (Prayer Room)


A little change of pace. One of the perks of living in Kansas City is being a part of the International House of Prayer . We moved here about 13 years ago to be a part of it. We moved here in August 99 and in September of 99 is when they officially were able maintain 24/7 worship and intercession.  I was on staff full time 2000-2005. I wore multiple hats and worked at all hours but in the beginning we all did.

If you haven’t heard about it or want to know more click here. You can also access the live webstream here.

Here is a YouTube clip of Misty Edwards and Isaac Meyer (my brother in law). It’s one of my favorites.

Owners Manuals


What’s the mist recent tech toy you have bought? Whether it’s an ipad or cell phone most likely it came with a owners manual. These manuals can be a huge help when you are learning a new skill on your new toy. They can give you insight and make things attainable. They can help you setup your email or your voice mail. You can read them from beginning to end. You can even memorize parts or photo copy pages to keep around for a quick reference. But in the end the manual can not send an email or make a call for you. The manual is used to point to the device.  It’s there to guide you and help you along the way. The Bible is our owners manual,  use it but make sure we connect with what it points to. God is asking for a relationship. A relationship people!

Act on what you get out of your bible. It needs to drive you to contemplation and prayer. The more you get into the word the more you should be driven to relating with the one who inspired it.

I recommend daily reading and contemplating. I also recommend You Version, it’s a website and you can get an app for most data devices as well. A friend of mine (Randy Bohlender) challenged myself and a group of guys to do one of You Version’s reading plans. We chose to do the New Testament in 30 days. I did it 12 months in a row using a different version each time. It was a awesome means to know the manual. We also setup a Facebook group to post insight and ask questions. I really enjoyed the iron sharpening iron.

Get to know your manual and get to know your God on a relationship level.


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