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Is less more?

So two days ago I put up a post/blog that was not even two full sentences. This is in comparison to my mormal blogs which are much longer and much more effort is put into them. The funny thing is the two sentence blog was re-blogged and received triple the traffic.

This made me think of God’s economics. What we think or put a huge amount of effort into is nothing in comparison to just sitting at his feet and contemplating Him.

The first shall be blast and his wisdom goes contrary to mans is so evident at times and I still miss it. I guess that is why I’m so glad he’s keeping the books and not me.  I know if it were on my effort and works I would fall short every time.

I have a daddy (God) who likes me a whole lot,  in spite of me.

He made this world to be in a relationship with me/you. He did this all for me/you.

Think on that today…

Be still and know. ..

..He is God, and we are not.

Ponder that.

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