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Jason Upton (re-blog)

Love this! I remember when the album came out, I listened over and over. I’ve talked with William C hr verified it for me.

Psalm 16:11

The video about is an amazing testimony of an angel singing with Jason Upton. One of his band members shares about the night. If you have never heard of Jason Upton, he is a very talented singer and song writer. You can check out his music in iTunes. The story goes that while Jason was warming up for a concert at a college auditorium in Alexandria, Louisiana a 12-foot angel joined in! Lucky for us the recording equipment was on for sound check and captured the whole thing. I realize this may sound fake so check it out for yourself. Below is the recording. Keep in mind that Jason was the only one on stage – no else was singing with him.

I adore this song. I recommend listening to it with headphones and eyes closed.

It’s a great one to listen to when you can’t fall asleep or you…

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