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My Current Reading List and Suggested Resources



Quantum Glory
Phil Mason


It Is Finished
Blaise Foret


Brian Zahnd


Between Noon and Three
Robert Farrar Capon


The Rest of the Gospel
Dan Stone


Meeting Jesus for the First Time
Marcus Borg


The Logic of His Love
Francois du Toit


The Source New Tesatament
Dr A Nyland


The Mirror Word
Francois du Toit


Cosmos Reborn
John Crowder


The Shack
Wm. Paul Young


Grace Walk
Steve McVey


Divine Embrace
Francois du Toit


God, Believes in You
Francois du Toit


God Without Religion
Andrew Farley


The Meaning of Jesus
N.T. Wtrigh


Paul for Everyone, The Prison Letters
N.T. Wright


Paul for Everyone, Romans 1-8
N.T. Wright


Paul for Everyone, Romans 9-16
N.T. Wright


Look the Finished work of Jesus
Mick Mooney


The Jesus Driven Life
Michael Hardin


Snap Everyone has Breaking Points
Mick Mooney


A Farewell to Mars
Brian Zahnd


So You Thought You Knew, Letting Go of Religion
Joshua Tongol


Andre Rabe


Hyper – Grace the Dangerous Doctrine of a Happy God
D.R. Silva


Outrageous Love
Tony Seigh


Unspoken Sermons
George McDonald


Saints in the Arms of a Happy God
Jeff Turner



Jonathan Welton




Books I have yet to get
The Divine Reversal: Recovering the Vision of Jesus Christ as the Last Adam
Caleb A. Miller

Mystic Union
John Crowder (I have it as an MP3 but want a copy)

Romans 14 Volume Set Complete
Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1970)







People to watch on YouTube:
Francois du Toit
Andre Rabe
Bertie Brits
Todd White
Caleb Miller
Joshua Tongol
Robert Farrar Capon
Tullian Tchividjian
N.T. Wright
Steve McVey
Brian Johnson
Brian Zahnd
Brian McLarean
Baxter Krueger
John Crowder
Tony Seigh
Blaise Foret

“You have forgotten who you are!”




Disney movies have spoken to me; “The Lion King“,” “Mulan,”Mulan 2A Bugs Life,” and so all have messages with in them.  Watch the section of the Lion King.

Now after watching it read the verses below:

2 Corinthians 3:18

The days of window-shopping are over! In him every face is unveiled. In gazing with wonder at the blueprint likeness of God displayed in human form, we suddenly realize that we are looking at ourselves! Every feature of his image is mirrored in us! This is the most radical transformation engineered by the Spirit of the Lord; we are led from an inferior mind-set to the revealed endorsement of our authentic identity. Mankind is his glory!


James 1:23-25

They realize that they are looking at themselves, but for the one it seems just too good to be true, he departs (back to his old way of seeing himself) and immediately forgets what manner of person he is; never giving another thought to the one he saw there in the mirror.

The other one is mesmerized by what he sees; he is captivated by the effect of a law that frees man from the obligation to the old written code that restricted him to his own efforts and willpower. No distraction or contradiction can dim the impact of what he sees in that mirror concerning the law of perfect liberty (the law of faith) that now frees him to get on with the act of living the life (of his original design.)

He finds a new spontaneous lifestyle; the poetry of practical living. (The law of perfect liberty is the image and likeness of God revealed in Christ, now redeemed in man as in a mirror. Look deep enough into that law of faith that you may see there in its perfection a portrait that so resembles the original that he becomes distinctly visible in the spirit of your mind and in the face of every man you behold. I translated the word, parakupto, with mesmerized from para, a preposition indicating close proximity, originating from, denoting the point from which an action originates, intimate connection, and kupto, to bend, stoop down to view at close scrutiny; parameno, to remain captivated under the influence of; meno, to continue to be present. The word often translated as freedom, eleutheria, means without obligation; spontaneous.)

We have forgotten who we are! We are all created in God’s image (Gen 1:26). We all have our start IN HIM. Our original DNA is HIS. Through the cross we have the ability to have our spiritual DNA restored. He is in us! He is the I am in me!!  He is not far from me/you!

Does God have a Clue …?!

Does God have a clue
what it’s like to be you?

By Andre Rabe

Does a God who sees all
does He understand?
Can He imagine the limitations,
the shortsightedness of human life?
As Job once asked: Do You have eyes of flesh?
Are Your days like the days of man?
Can He comprehend such blindness,
to who’s eyes all is clear?

Has God ever lived by faith
and not by sight?

Can a God who is all-knowing
Can He identify with
a being as me – facing uncertainty
trapped in situations
where the outcome is not clear
How does He know
what it is like to not know all

Could the limitless One endure the confines of human life?
Could he bear the ordinary existence of a man?
Is He powerful enough to become so weak?
Is He all-knowing enough to know our doubt?

If life was only neutral,
faith wouldn’t have been so unusual.
But often, the mundane turns to pain
Our uncertainties become frightfully clear:
Here where we live,
there is rejection,
there is shame,
there is injustice.

Does God have any idea
what it is like to be here?

Has the All-powerful One, ever been helpless?
Has the immortal God, ever faced death?
Has this God ever really experienced conflict or confusion?
Has He been tempted?
Does God have any clue,
what it is like to be you/me?

I love your questions, now hear my reply:
I came … and became all that you are
Willingly subjecting myself to every human limitation
I saw with eyes of flesh
Not all was clear, not all was bare
when I became you.
The incarnation is my answer.

He had to grow, he had to learn,
An ordinary man, a carpenter, most of his life
The routine, the frustrations,
the anxieties of daily life, he understands.
Yet, he began to remember, began to see,
discovered a faith, that allowed him to perceive,
the spectacular beyond the visible.

The Word became flesh,
entered our domain of conflict and shame.
Falsely accused, brutally abused
As nails were driven through His flesh,
He even knew even our doubt …
and on our behalf cried out:
My God, my God, Why?
Have you forsaken me?
But then, as God, he answered:
By entering our hell he declares:
I will rather go to hell than forsake you.
Even when you are at your worst
I will not turn my face or despise you
He experienced our torment, ……
felt our pain,
subjected to our injustice
wounded by our violence
assumed even our doubt.
He came in the form of sinful flesh,
exposed Himself in the most vulnerable state,
defined Himself in a human face.

He knows you
He has experienced everything you have experienced, with you
For in Him all things consists …
including you
You were in Him, when He became man … he became you.

Do you have a clue,
how well God knows you.
He invites you to see what He sees,
And to know as you have always been known.
For the moment you become aware of him,
your hell becomes heaven.

He does not save by legal transaction
He does not heal from afar by magic incantations
He heals what He becomes, He saves what He assumes.
He became all that you are
so that you may be all he is.
Our atonement secured by His at-one-ment with us
He embraced us when we were at our worst,
that we might share in His best: resurrection life.

Right now, wherever you might find yourself,
He is with you, He is for you, He loves you
and wants to turn your life into the greatest romantic adventure.
Simply become aware of His closeness.

– See more at: http://hearhim.net/wordpress/2013/10/01/does-god-have-a-clue/#sthash.V1LMa0BU.dpuf

The One Father, Son and Spirit


By Andre Rabe On June 25, 2013 · 

For us to attempt to define and identify this God, would simply be ridiculous.

For us to describe how God identified and defined Himself in Jesus Christ, is the declaration of the gospel.To define means to describe the nature, scope, or meaning of something.

For something or someone to be infinite, it means that there is no limit to the scope or extend of what we describe. To be infinite means that there is always something more, something beyond what is already known. For God to define himself, means that he places certain boundaries on who he is, on what can be said of him and therefore, by definition, he is no longer infinite in the absolute sense.

For instance: when God declares that he is only good, that only light dwells in him and that no darkness or evil has any place in him, it means that he has placed a certain boundary on how we can describe him; it means that he is not infinite in the sense that he is both good and evil. Such a self-definition means that he is finite in that he is only good and there is no evil in him beyond his goodness. However, he is infinitely good and will continue to surprise us with his goodness. He remains infinite in the attributes that are part of his nature, that means we can say that he is infinitely loving, infinitely good, infinitely wise. Yet he has defined himself very specifically …

God has done the unthinkable, he has defined himself in the most precise way, in an actual person and an actual event! The bravest of philosophers would not have imagined such a thing because it would place terrible limitations on how we speak of God. But God did what seems like foolishness to our wisdom. In Jesus, God does exactly what our imaginary gods cannot – he identifies himself in such a way that we may know him intimately.

The one God, who encompasses time and fills it, who is infinite except in the areas where he chose to define himself, has uniquely identified himself as Father, Son and Spirit. These are not generic terms to describe certain attributes. He is a very specific Father, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ; He is a very specific Son, Jesus Christ, the uniquely born Son that is in the bosom of the Father and He is a very specific Spirit, the spirit of this Father and this Son.

This God is the creative source, the creative process and the end result of his own creative genius.

The Father, from before time began, intended the perfect union of man and God, intended the Son, Jesus Christ. The Father is the creative source who finds expression in the Son and through his spirit. It is through the Son and through the Spirit that the Father is freed to be all He intends to be.

The Son is the fulfillment of the Father’s intention and in the incarnation this fulfillment is made manifest in our time-space dimension. In Jesus the invisible becomes visible, the eternal enters time, the infinite willingly and purposely defines himself, the inner motivation, the word of God becomes flesh and ultimately the immortal God … dies! But Jesus’ death does not contaminate God, rather life fatally infects death … and death dies!

He is big enough to become a servant and not be reduced in who he is. He is strong enough to face evil even in his most vulnerable state, allowing evil to do its worst to him, even kill him and then simply rise again!

Is this the best you can do, evil?
Is this all you’ve got?
Where is your sting?
Where is your victory?

He is wise enough to partake of our humanity, to enter our temporality and instead of loosing himself, he finds us, raises us, glorifies us and makes us partakers of his divine nature.

Eternity has penetrated time without becoming subject to the temporal. God became a man without ceasing to be God. The prince of life died and in dying conquered death. Behold He is alive! Death was swallowed up in victory.

This Father who intended us throughout time and eternity; this Son who fulfilled his Father’s intention and removed every obstacle between man and God, this Father and this Son is present with us by their Spirit. It is the very Spirit breathed by the Father and the very Spirit breathed by the Son that is with us now, ever blowing us into the limitless future of the God who makes all things new.

By the Spirit the Father and Son have come and made their home with you, ready to create a future beyond our wildest dreams. What is there to fear? Nothing in the past, nothing present, nothing to come can separate you from the love embrace of this God.

God – Father, Son and Spirit – embraces our time, encircles it and also fills it with enduring value and meaning. He has always known you and loved you. You have always been his will and intention.

Source http://hearhim.net/

What what?!?!


He is, the I AM, in me!

He came to reveal himself to mankind.  He came to reveal himself in each of us. He left heaven to show his self to us in each of us. He became flesh incarnate, he took on a body and was became just like us. He was not a super hero. He went through the same temptations we did. He was so average he had to be pointed out in a crowd for the pharasees. Nothing physically set him off.

The big difference was he knew his identity.  HE KNEW his relation to God. 

We were created in the  likeness of God. Adam was a prototype,  Jesus was the ultimate prototype. We were made in the same mold. We are joint heirs with Christ. Jesus knew his origin.  Everything he did on earth was done in relationship to his identity with his father (God).

I am copy and pasting the verses below from a past post.

John 5:30 
By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.

John 6:38 
For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me.

John 8:28 
So Jesus said, “When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am he and that I do nothing on my own but speak just what the Father has taught me.

John 12:49 
For I did not speak on my own, but the Father who sent me commanded me to say all that I have spoken.Now with that being said,  we are sons and daughters of God.  We are not adopted sons and daughters or black sheep im the family.  Before the creation of the world it says he knew us.

Jesus moved and flowed out of identity. He did all out of a paradigm of following in his father’s ways.

Heb 2:11
New Living Translation

So now Jesus and the ones he makes holy have the same Father. That is why Jesus is not ashamed to call them his brothers and sisters.

We share the same origin, we have the same father. We are not adopted,  we are not the black sheep of the family. We are direct sons and daughters!  I have had to shed my bad notions my garbage thoughts on this. I have always heard and used the wording of adopted sons and daughters, but have found that the wording of adoption.

Ephesians 1:5

He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will,

The use of the word adoption here is not the typical western use. It is actually more along the lines of the Jewish barmitzva or coming of age.

Galations 4:5-7
His mandate was to rescue the human race from the regime of the law of performance and announce the revelation of the sonship in God.

To seal our sonship God has commissioned the spirit of sonship resonate the Abba echo in our hearts; and now in our innermost being we recognize him as our true and very dear Father.

Can you see how foolish it would be for a son to immediately participate in all the wealth of God’s inheritance which is yours because of Christ.

We were co-crucified, co-buried, and co-resurrected with Christ (in him). Jesus moved as a son not a servant or beggar, but as a son! We being sons and daughters need to walk in that same revelation. Your true identity,  your original blueprint,  your you, is based on the relation of sonship. He left heaven to reveal this for you!

That is all for now. …….

Speaking beyond words


A man had been looking at the reflection of the moon on a lake,  it was reflected on the ripples,  he was trying to get a accurate view of the moon on the water but it was continually moving.

He was getting frustrated until he looked up and saw the moon, the original the source is the best place to look.

2 Corinthians 4:4

The survival and self-improvement programs of the religious systems of the world reveal the minds of the unbelievers; exploiting their ignorance about their true origins and their redeemed innocence.  The veil of unbelief obstructs a person’s view and keeps one from seeing what the light of the gospel so clearly reveals: the glory of God is the image and likeness of our Maker redeemed in human form; this is what the gospel of Christ is all about.

To find the truth look to the very source. God is not confused about you, we need not be confused about God. How does he see you? How do you see him?  Your beliefs about God determines your view. From age 6 to 6 months ago I had a view of God as judgemental and it kept me from seeing God rightly and in return seeing how he sees me. I love the Bible and have had a renewed hunger for digging into it. I have noticed in Paul’s writings in the NT he wrote the words “In Him.” Him/He is the source. Look to the source.  The word is like a manual. A lawn mower tells all bout the lawnmower but guess what? It won’t cut your grass. You need the mower. The Bible points and tells all about God but we need to look at and towards Him. We were made in his image. We are to be a son/daughter. His image his children! I was under the false idea that after the Adam fiasco we were cut off from sonship and it would be restored after our death.

John 3:16-17 states ” For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

God did not come to condemn us!  He really really likes us! He is not bi-polar or unsure of himself. God

The value of land is redefined upon the discovery of gold, silver, or oil within its boundaries.  We are like that land upon finding Christ in us we are redefined,  metamorphosed into our our original identity.  Our blueprint has been re- genesised!  He has been there all along! The treasure has to be revealed.

It is finished,  God was done he entered into rest. ..

Entering into rest, grace is a gift it can not ba attained on our own efforts,  its in dieing to self and availing to his  rest…

He did it it is finished.

Matthew 13:44

Faith is not something we do to overcome the reluctance of God

A little leaven law keeps you busy as to miss Christ

Pray from the throne room not to the throne room

Hampster wheel mentality,  our works are that vain. On a wheel bound for sedentary

He does not impute my sins against me, there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ!  He died for my sins,  he forgave them once, he does not need to re-die or re-resurrect.

(Not gonna lie,  these were literally my unedited notes. They may seem a bit random towards the end…. plz deal with it)

Fire insurance?

“We reduce the Gospel to just a message of heaven and hell. Here is your ticket to get in and a way to avoid hell. The good news is first of all not that there is a heaven to go to or a hell to avoid. The good news first of all is that God left heaven to be with you right now. The implications of the gospel is not first of all for some future event. God wants you to understand the implications of what he has done for you in this present moment. ”

Andre Rabe

We have historically looked at heaven as our end point our destination… God came down to meet us here and now. He is found in me. He is in mankind waiting for each of us to discover the destination is Him (in Him). God has come to bring wholeness and fullness here and now.

2 Corinthians 3:18
Mirror Translation

The days of window-shopping are over! In him every face is unveiled. In gazing with wonder at the blueprint likeness of God displayed in human form we suddenly realize that we are looking at ourselves! Every feature of his image is mirrored in us! This is the most radical transformation engineered by the Spirit of the Lord; we are lead from an inferior mind-set to the revealed endorsement of our authentic identity. Mankind is his glory! 

A mirror sees the current reflection, not a past or future image. In verse 18 it says he sees us and we see us. They are the same image! He paid for our sins and to him it is gone cast faraway never to be seen again. He sees me forgiven, whole, and perfect (NOW!)

You are valuable beyond measure


By  On January 26, 2012

You are valuable, you are loved, and someone knows you even better than you know yourself. There is an image and likeness imprinted upon your being that is the basis of your value … a value beyond your wildest dreams.

Coins used to have the face of the person who guaranteed their value, minted onto them. Any note or coin has a guarantor, a person or institution that guarantees its value. Even if a coin gets lost, the coin never loses it’s value.

The one who invented and designed you, stamped you with His own image and likeness.

He knows you better than you know yourself … He knew you even before you were born. You might not know Him, but He has always known you. You might not be aware of Him, but He has always had you on His mind.

You might think ‘why’ … why would anyone have such an obsession with me. Well, the creator of this universe sees a value and a beauty in you beyond anything in this natural world. He even sees a possibility of romance!

When, Where and Why you began.
Whatever age you are, you have a beginning that cannot be measured in time.

You have the most awesome origin. In the beginning, before creation, before time as we experience it, before the existence of evil, there was a dynamic exchange of love, a relationship without boundaries, an enjoyment of total abandonment … a being we now call God. It was in the very midst of this fiery love, at the core of this passion, that the idea of … you came into being!

The God who is love planned to share this love with beings created in His image and likeness. This God, who is all-knowing and able to accomplish all of His purposes, planned a love-affair that would span over eons and conclude with a final victory in which His love conquered all – no contradiction; no evil.

This good news is not some new idea, but the ancient, original thought of God.

Let’s imagine this beginning, let’s allow the spirit of God to draw us to this place in which all things had their origin. Although no science can explain it, although the greatest minds have tried and failed to define it, God is confident that you are able to comprehend the unsearchable; to appreciate the motivation that gave you birth; to remember where you began. In this place there is no space, yet no limit; no creation, yet no emptiness – there is only God in all His fullness. He is not lonely or in lack. It is out of His fullness, out of the overflow of love that you are conceived.

God did not imagine a pet that would simply entertain Him! This God-dream is about a being who has the capacity to intelligently appreciate, to receive, to produce and to exchange the same quality of love that flows within God. His plan is not vague or speculative philosophy, but clear and specific … so clear, that He uniquely identifies and names the individuals who would form part of the plan and become part of creation. And so before the foundation of this world, He saw you in Christ. At this point, He made up His mind about you! No matter what detours, no matter what contradictions would come, He determined that you would be His treasure – blameless and innocent before Him in love.

When did you begin?
Before creation, before time itself.
Where did you begin?
In the very heart of love, a love relationship we call God.
Why did you begin?
To be loved, adored … and ultimately for that love to be awakened in you.

The Word made flesh.

The original, authentic Word was face to face with God from the very beginning. God Himself is the content of this communication – revealing His personal presence and unique expression in all that exists.
In fact there is nothing original or innovative outside of Him! He is the only Creator and the source of all inspiration and creativity. Everything that is, has ‘Made by God’ stamped on its existence.
The very life of God is what ignited the existence of man. This original light still shines even in darkness and no amount of darkness can put this light out. (John 1:1-5 Breath of Life)

The time lapse between the original thought of God and now is obviously vast. Has this original thought not been lost through time?
No, this authentic dream began before time and was preserved, set apart, in a person called Jesus Christ. In Him the logic of God was kept until the right time when it was made visible in flesh. He came and demonstrated in human form, the kind of life God had in mind from the very beginning … a life where God and man is so fully united that we cannot even tell them apart.

Man began in God. No matter how far man has fallen from his original place of innocence, God has never been confused about the true identity of man.

Jesus Christ is the place, the event and the person in which God and man meet once again. In Christ Jesus, God has taken the initiative to reconcile man back to Himself – to restore man to blameless innocence.

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man, and as such does not only represent God’s initiative, He also represents man’s perfect response of faith to God’s initiative.

Jesus reveals the heart of God more than any other story ever told or any scripture ever written. In Him God reveals that He does not want to be God apart from us. He does not want to be a distant or unknowable God. The only way in which He wants to be God, is with man, in man, and as a man.

Jesus reveals the truth about man more accurately than any other story, or even the factual history of man. In Him we see that the only way to be fully man, the only way to be fully free, is in union with God.

This passion of God to restore man to that place of union, would drive Him to pay any price, to go to any depth to see it accomplished. And so in the act of becoming man, He places Himself in a position of conflict. Everything that has ever stood between God and man, every obstacle and every form of separation (called sin in the Bible) would meet and come to a final conclusion in this God-man, Christ Jesus.

When your timeless Creator became a man, He mystically united Himself with you, so that He could bring an end to everything that stood between you and release you to be fully and truly yourself again. In this unity He faced everything you faced … and conquered! In His death, you died! That old state of being, separated from Him and united with sin, was brought to a final end in Him. He has wiped your slate clean, forgiven you of every wrongdoing.

In His resurrection, you were resurrected to newness of life – that original life that God imagined for you from the beginning. In His ascension, you were raised to the most glorious place of honor – a place where God delights in you!

The only thing that has ever kept you from enjoying these realities, is blindness. Not seeing what He sees, keeps us from enjoying what He enjoys. But these very words you are reading now, are reminding you of your union with Him.
As for me, I shall behold thy face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied, when I awake in thy likeness (Psalm 17:15)

What should I do?

You might ask, what should I do … how does one respond to such news? Well the good news is that the hard work has already been done for you! Jesus defeated everything that stood between you! Gratitude … love awakened, is all that’s left to do. Some call it faith.

Here’s a simple suggestion to give expression to this faith. Turn your focus inward. Become aware of the One who made you and united Himself with you … within you. In your own thoughts and words respond … something like: Thank you for who You are and what You have done for me. As You gave yourself in love to me, in Jesus Christ, I give myself in love to You. You made me in Your image and likeness, I acknowledge Your ownership. You made me to be loved … here I am, love me!



The Contradiction of the Cross


By Andre Rabe On April 22, 2013 

The cross is the greatest contradiction. It is an evil act of murder and it is our salvation. This horrific death is the ultimate goal of false accusation, but simultaneously it exposes the deception of this accusation and so forever strips it of its power.This scripture summarizes the tension of this paradox: “For the Son of Man will go just as it is written about Him, but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been better for that man if he had not been born.””(Mark 14:21 HCSB)

In other words, it is God’s plan but it is an evil act that should not happen. The scriptures simultaneously declares that he was innocent, that he was unjustly accused, that those who murdered him was guilty of the blood of all innocent victims … it was wrong in every way, yet the scriptures maintain that this was exactly what had to happen.

If we become so familiar with the story that we no longer see the contradiction, then we’ve missed the central revelation contained in it. Like all other pagan ideas of sacrifice, much of christianity looks at this sacrifice and are mystified by its magical powers – we allow the very revelation it is supposed to bring, to be swallowed up by sacred awe.

The murder of the innocent man Jesus Christ can never be justified – it was wrong! He was falsely accused and brutally abused by a frenzied ignorant crowd. Nowhere else was the true nature of our religious and secular institutions revealed more clearly than in this senseless violence. This is where God in all his innocence, in his most vulnerable state, faced evil in its most articulate expression – the unjustified violence of man. Evil incarnate met God incarnate.

Yet it is exactly here where evil is most real, that God intersects, turning our act of murder into our salvation. He uses the occasion of our most brutal violence to demonstrate His most extravagant love. He bore the brunt of our hostile minds, of our sinful thoughts. The event in which we bruised him and wounded him, is met with healing. At the very moment in which our rejection of him is absolute, he demonstrates our absolute acceptance.

However, we have often ascribed both the good and the evil of the cross to God! Lets expose that myth.God obviously anticipated these events. He knew that the open display of truth, in a world bound by myth, would be a confrontation with only one possible result. The very fabric upon which our societies were build, the false accusation, the prince (principle) of this world, the father of lies, would not take to this exposure kindly. Yes God knew and planned to make the most of this confrontation, but in no way is He the source of the violence that it exposes. In no way does He delight in the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.

The unjustified torture and death of the innocent Jesus Christ does not satisfy God’s justice in the sense that He delights in this punishment. The blood of Jesus does not satisfy the blood-lust of an angry God. Such theories is a mixture of ancient pagan thought and the very biblical revelation that came to expose the corruption of these myths. We were the angry deities who satisfied our blood-lust in this iconic murder.Why would God then use such an event? The scriptures describe this event as God’s victory over evil. In what way did He conquer evil?

This was the event in which the deceiver would deceive himself; the act in which our unfounded accusations would be exposed for what it is. The story that would deconstruct all our myths into the nothingness that they are.

These false models are exposed in the very moment when our true model is revealed. We are now able to see the true God and reflect Him – a God who loves and adores; a God in whom there is no accusation.

Wherever the gospel is declared and understood, sacrificial systems cease; victimization ceases, the oppressed and downcast are given hope by a God who identifies with them; a God who is able to overthrow the established corrupt overlords and make all things new.


Galations 2


I’m not going to say too much this morning.  At New Day Lloyd Rindels opened quoting Galations 2:18-20 out of  The Mirror Translation.

18 Only a con artist will try to be a law-man and a grace-man at the same time!

19 My co-crucifixion with Christ is valid! I am not making this up.  In his death I died to the old system of trying to please God with my own good behavior!  God made me alive together with Christ.  How can any human effort improve on this!

20 The terms, co-crucified and co-alive defines me now.  Christ in me and I in him! His sacrificial love is evidence of his persuasion of my righteousness!

If you have read any of my blog in the past this is probably the common thread,  your identity is in him! He defines you not your actions or abilities. If I could do anything to attain a place of position before God the act of the cross would have not been necessary.

The law has been superseded by the cross.  We were co-crucified and our original identity was restored. Freely given, freely recieve it. Step into his grace, his freedom, his faith… A hard reset was done to this world at the cross. That relationship that God had with Adam in the garden (pre-sin) has been restored. Your redeemed innocence is restored.


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